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Staff Scientist and Staff Clinician Organization By-Laws

Created: November 23, 2004
Modified: November 5, 2009
Modified: April 30, 2010
Modified: June 9, 2014

Mission Statement

The mission of the NCI-CCR Staff Scientist/Staff Clinician Organization is to advance the professional goals and scientific careers of CCR Staff Scientists and Staff Clinicians.

Vision Statement

The NCI-CCR Staff Scientist/Staff Clinician Organization is dedicated to provide CCR Staff Scientists and Staff Clinicians opportunities to achieve their professional goals and advance their scientific careers while fostering the continued development of scientific and clinical excellence within the institute. We will actively pursue the open exchange of information, personal and professional growth through annual scientific retreats, peer mentoring, workshops, and representation of the organization and its members within CCR.


  • SS and SC currently employed at the CCR may be members. Members have the right to vote and hold elective office within the organization.
  • Ad-hoc members may include any CCR Staff Scientist or Staff Clinician equivalent contractors.

Organization and responsibilities

Co-chairs and vice-co-chairs will be elected by campus-specific election every two years voted on by the membership. No individual can serve in the same position consecutively.

  • Co-chairs: One SS (Bethesda), one SS (Frederick) and one SC will share the duties of organization chair:
    - Act as point of contact for anyone wishing to contact the organization.
    - Organize and manage regular meetings including setting the agenda.
    - Maintain regular contact with CCR administrative staff or the Office of the Director.
    - Represent the organization at campus activities.
    - Collect and disseminate demographics related to SS/SC organization members.
    - Organize elections.
  • Vice-co-chairs: Three (one SS each from the Bethesda and Frederick campuses and one SC)
    - Support the chair and assume the chair’s responsibility in his or her absence.



Organization and responsibilities - continued

  • Representatives to the NIH SS/SC organization will be the immediate past co-chairs.
    - 2 CCR SS/SC will attend the NIH SS/SC organization meetings and report back to the current co-chairs.
    - The NIH SS/SC representative positions are for 2 years. This arrangement will allow for substitutions, as individual schedules require.
    - In case of vacancy, an election from the regular members will be organized.
  • Sub-Committees: Standing

    Parliamentary Committee
    Definition of organization structure/by-laws/nominations of elective officers
    Can be assumed by co-chairs

    Communications Committee

    Maintain up to date communications with members*
    Suggested formats
    Wiki Webpages
    Newsletter The Dossier

    Retreat Committee

    Organize Workshops and Professional Retreat
    Abstract Review Committee (see Abstract Review Guidelines)

    Professional Development Committee

    Identify and establish opportunities for professional development and career advancement
    Suggested areas of concentration
    Quadrennial review
    Promotion into new positions
    Job postings
    Grant Funding opportunities

    Executive committee

    comprised of all current and past co-chairs and secretaries that are still SS/SC

    Ad-hoc Sub-Committees will be established as needed.


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