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CCR SSSC Organization

Elected SSSC Officers (2015-2016)

Bethesda SS Co-Chair - Dr. Smitha Antony

I have been a Staff Scientist in the Developmental Therapeutics Branch of the CCR since 2010. At the NCI, my research has focused on the role of oxidant-mediated signaling in tumor proliferation and the discovery and optimization of novel topoisomerase and tyrosyl DNA phosphodiesterase I (Tdp1) inhibitors; with two of our derivatives currently being in clinical trials at the NIH. As a Staff Scientist, I am and have been actively involved in the SSSC Networking Committee for the past three years and am associated with the SSSC Professional Development Committee. With budgetary cuts and job stability becoming greater issues of concern throughout the NIH, I believe that the SSSC Organization can play a pivotal role in representing the interests of the SSSC community and I will be honored to be part of the SSSC committee to represent you and promote the interests of the SSSC community.

Bethesda SS Vice-Co-Chair - Dr. Connie Sommers

I have been a Staff Scientist at LCMB since 2000 in the Samelson lab. Our laboratory focuses on T cell signaling and my area of expertise is in mutant mouse models and miRNAs. I have experience in a number of CCR SSSC subcommittees including the Retreat Subcommittee and the Social Networking Subcommittee. I also was the SSSC Bethesda Co-Chair for 2012-2014. Following Christophe Marchand’s example, I would like to run for Bethesda Vice-Co-Chair to facilitate a smooth transition to a new team of CCR SSSC officers.

SC Co-Chair - Dr. Christopher Heery


I obtained my M.D. from East Carolina University, Brody School of Medicine in 2006, completed Internal Medicine Residency at the University of Illinois-Chicago in 2009, and completed Medical Oncology Fellowship at the National Cancer Institute in 2012.  My work is focused on the use of immune modulating agents to treat various cancer types.  Specifically, I have run clinical trials in prostate and breast cancer and have planned trials in colorectal cancer and chordoma.  I am responsible for the development of novel therapies from pre-clinical to clinical phase 1 trials and then planning and opening phase 2 trials based on those findings. My primary designation is in the Laboratory of Tumor Immunology and Biology under Dr. Jeffrey Schlom. I look forward to serving as the Staff Clinician representative to the CCR SSSC Committee.  I am especially interested in the role of collaborative efforts for staff scientists/clinicians in the CCR with external groups to maximize the strengths of both parties and advance collaborative findings.  One goal would be to bring potential collaborators from other local institutions to present work that might inspire collaboration with our Staff Scientists/Clinicians.  I look forward to incorporating these and other ideas that might come from my fellow Staff Scientists/Clinicians into future plans for career development if elected.

Frederick SS Co-Chair - Dr. Abdul Waheed

I obtained my Ph.D. (1999) from the University of Ryukyus, Japan. Following two years of post-doctoral training at Tokyo I joined NIH in 2001. Since 2006 I am a Staff Scientist in the HIV Drug Resistance Program in Eric Freed’s lab. My current research includes understanding the role of Vpu-interacting host proteins in HIV-1 assembly and release, and screening of small molecule inhibitors for HIV-1 assembly by high-throughput screening.

Since I became a Staff Scientist I am an active participant of the SSSC organization and familiar with past organization committee members. The attendance by the staff scientists to the SSSC meeting and assemblies is often less than optimal and extensive networking could bring fellow SS/SC together. I intend to be a part of SSSC organization and work towards our job security, helping to find a place for displaced SS/SC, educating Quadrennial Review process to new SS/SC, net working, and building collaborations between SS/SC of both campuses for our carrier growth. New ideas and suggestions are welcome to strengthen our organization.

Frederick SS Vice Co-Chair - Dr. Yien Che Tsai

I joined Allan Weissman’s group in 2004 and became staff scientist in LPDS in 2011.  Our lab studies the protein regulation by the ubiquitin system. My recent research has focused on the metabolic regulation of the endoplasmic reticulum and mitochondria in metastasis and cardiovascular diseases. Attending the SS/SC meetings has helped me see more clearly some of the issues we face as staff scientists, such as job security and professional development. It is important that we raise these issues and make them known not only to new staff scientists but also to the community and the public. Several ideas have been discussed at these meetings including teaching and mentoring, and I would like to facilitate and contribute to these programs. I would also like to facilitate interaction and collaboration among staff scientists to promote our science and expand our skills.


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