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Project purpose

Identify and establish opportunities for professional development and career advancement:

  • quadrennial review
  • promotion into new positions (Assoc. Scientist & Senior Assoc. Scientist)
  • workshops/courses
  • job postings
  • grant funding opportunities

SSSC Training by the Office of Intramural Training and Education (OITE)

Information on past and future SSSC trainings by OITE

NIH Video Casting and Podcasting: Career Development/OITE

Free Training from the Office of Workforce Development pertinent to SSSC 

Managers’ Toolbox (*
The NCI Managers' Toolbox is a comprehensive collection of on-line resources designed to provide NCI managers and supervisors immediate access to information relative to managing our current workforce.

NCI-Wide Brown Bag Seminar Series (
Learn what it means to build your personal brand and how to become more influential and effective by participating in the 2011 NCI Brown Bag Seminar Series “Building Your Brand”. This series is presented by the Office of Workforce Development. The Seminar Series is offered every other year (odd numbered years). Advanced registration is not required to attend this Seminar Series.

Supervisor Seminar Series (
The NCI's Office of Workforce Development (OWD) is pleased to provide a free five-part series to help managers build their capacity in various NCI leadership/management competency areas. The series is FAC-COTR and FAC-C certified for containing education credits and open to Code 2, 4, 5 and 7 supervisors/team leaders throughout NCI. The Supervisor Seminar Series is offered every other year (even numbered years). Advanced registration is required to attend this seminar series.

Senior Executive Enrichment & Development (SEED) Program (
The Office of Workforce Development invites you to apply to the NCI Senior Executive Enrichment & Development Program (SEED). This year-long leadership development program is sponsored by the Office of the Director and is offered at no cost to eligible NCI staff.

Leadership Education and Action Program (LEAP) (
The Leadership Education and Action Program (LEAP) is a 6-month leadership development program for high-performing NCI staff who lead programs, labs, teams, or projects. The goal of the program is to develop more successful leaders by increasing interpersonal effectiveness and self-awareness, and to develop a community of such leaders across NCI. The program focuses on vision and values, team dynamics, emotional intelligence, courageous conversations, power and influence, leadership presence, and managing up.

NCI Executive and Leadership Coaching Program (
Are you looking to hone your leadership skills, set career goals or be an effective manager in your organization? Then the NCI Executive & Leadership Coaching Program is for you. With highly skilled, certified coaches, the Office of Workforce Development offers eligible NCI staff the opportunity to engage in this high-value, highly successful program.

Knowledge Management: A Mentoring Program (
Knowledge Management is a mentoring program that promotes sharing and teaching of critical skills and institutional knowledge, and nurtures the professional growth of NCI employees. Mentees gain specific skills, a meaningful understanding of the NCI mission and culture as well as overall assistance in planning a career path. The program also gives qualified employees the opportunity to further develop and demonstrate leadership skills, teamwork abilities, and networking skills.

360-degree Leadership Assessment with Debrief and Action Planning (

An assessment, which consists of feedback from multiple sources, such as bosses, peers, and direct reports, is an effective basis for targeted development of leadership skills. Based on extensive research and previous success, NCI uses the Denison Leadership Development Survey. Two versions of the survey are available – a 360 version, as well as a 270 version for those without direct reports. The online survey measures leadership skills and practices that been shown to have a significant impact on organizational performance. Each participant receives a confidential report of the assessment results and meets with an OWD specialist to review and interpret the results. The participant will identify areas to focus on and receive assistance in the development of an individualized leadership development plan that is actionable and measurable.

Links to Professional Development Opportunities & Information

Information on the NIH Training Center

Information on how to improve your CV

Information on How to Conduct Effective Interviews

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