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Mission Statement

The mission of the NCI-CCR Staff Scientist/Staff Clinician Organization is to advance the professional goals and scientific careers of CCR Staff Scientists and Staff Clinicians.

Vision Statement

There were two substantially different versions of the vision:

Vision Statement

We strive to promote scientific and clinical excellence as well as provide opportunities for personal growth through representation, mentoring, workshops and exchange of information at the Center for Cancer Research.

Vision Statement from John

The NCI-CCR Staff Scientist/Staff Clinician Organization will strive to advance the goals and careers of Staff Scientist and Staff Clinicians by representing these goals in the CCR, facilitating scientific and clinical excellence, peer mentoring, enhancing opportunities for personal growth and exchange of information between its members.

Mike's hybrid statement
The NCI-CCR Staff Scientist/Staff Clinician Organization promotes the continued development of scientific and clinical excellence within the institute through the provision of opportunities for both personal and professional growth. Mechanisms encouraging the open exchange of information will include annual scientific retreats, peer mentoring, workshops, and representation of the organization and its members within CCR.



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