Translational Surgical Pathology

Dr. Maria Merino, Head, Translational Surgical Pathology Section
Building 10, Room 5B53

To learn more, visit Dr. Merino's CCR Web site.

General Information

Dr. Merino's research aim is to study and investigate the role of different tumor markers as prognostic tools in the diagnosis of breast, gynecological, and thyroid cancers, as well as other endocrine tumors and soft tissue sarcomas. She and her colleagues are investigating the potential role that genetic alterations may have in recognizing premalignant lesions of the breast. The purpose of these studies is to investigate the presence of tumor suppressor genes in these locations and the possible role they may play in the development of sporadic human breast cancer. Dr. Merino is interested in studying precancerous conditions that may lead to the development of invasive cancers.


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