Experimental Pathology Laboratory (EPL)

Dr. Stephen Hewitt, Section Head, EPL
Building 10, Room 6B 
Phone: 301-496-0040 

Dr. Svetlana Pack, Deputy Section Head, EPL
Building 10, Room 2N115
Phone: 301-451-2723 

EPL Core Services:


Frozen Tissue

  • Cryosections
  • H&Es

Fixed Tissue (Human & Animal) 

  • Tissue Fixation, including alternative fixatives
  • Tissue Impregnation & Embedding
  • Cell block preparation (agarose)
  • Microtomy
  • Histology Stains (H&E, PAS, Masson, additional stains with development and validation)


  • Non-clinical Abs on human tissue (formal menu in development)
  • Animal tissue
  • Double staining (with development and validation)
  • Fluorescent IHC with 2ndary Abs
  • IHC on Cryosections (requires assay development and validation)

In Situ Assays

  • DNA (FISH)
  • RNA (flourescence or chromagenic via bDNA)

Laser Capture Microdisection

  •  Pixel II (multiple), Veritas, and XT instruments from Arcturus/Life Technologies

Tissue Microarray

  • 0.6-2.0 mm core based TMAs


  • Whole Slide Imaging (20X and 40X)
  • Whole Slide Image Hosting
  • Upright fluorescent microscope imaging
  • Inverted microscope with fluorescent imaging capacity


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