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Specimen Ordering 

No Specimen Will Be Accepted Without an Active CRIS Order Prior to Delivery.

Enter Flow Cytometry orders for all follow-up orders as far in advance as possible (6-month advance order entry is not unusual for follow-up protocol specimens).  Include the fellow’s name and pager number, patient history and clinical question.

  1. CSF Flow orders:
    • In CRIS:  Order Entry / Anatomic Pathology / Flow Cytometry CSF. 
    • Complete the requested information.

  2. Peripheral Blood Flow orders:
    • In CRIS:  Anatomic Pathology / Flow Cytometry Order Set. 
    • Flow Cytometry order: complete requested information. 
    • Research Blood order: enter: "Peripheral blood, 20ml sodium heparin green top tube. Deliver STAT to Flow Cytometry Lab, Room 3S240." (or deselect Research Blood order for outside shipped specimens).

  3. Bone Marrow Aspirate Flow orders:
    • In CRIS:  Anatomic Pathology / Flow Cytometry Order Set. 
    • Flow Cytometry order: complete requested information.
    • Research Blood order:  Deselect

  4. Non-CSF Fluids, non-BM biopsies and aspirates (LN/Tissue/FNA) Flow orders
    These require Cytopathology triage.  Enter 2 (two) CRIS orders with specimen source / location in both:  

    1. Anatomic PathologyCytopathology Order (include request for aliquot sent to Flow Cytometry).
    2. Anatomic Pathology / Flow Cytometry Order Set.
    3. Deselect the Research Blood order in the Flow Cytometry Order Set.

STAT Requests

If rapid diagnosis and notification of result is required to begin treatment:

  • Contact Dr. Stetler-Stevenson and Dr. Yuan to communicate the reason why it is a STAT.
  • Only Dr. Stetler-Stevenson or Dr. Yuan can approve a STAT status on a specimen.  Triage (301) 480-7179
  • Indicate STAT nature in the CRIS order "Special Instructions" section. 
  • Include name and pager number of fellow on evening call.

CRIS Order Entry Does Not Replace Pre-Approval or Pre-Scheduling. Specimen processing may be initiated upon a verbal request to the pathologist, but processing will not be completed or reported without a CRIS order.

Go to:  Specimen Triage / Scheduling information


ALL CRIS orders must match the specimen label information. 

 Unlabeled, incomplete, incorrect or mismatched specimens missing required label element(s) will not be processed until corrected identification is made IN PERSON. 

 REQUIRED SPECIMEN LABEL ELEMENTS on all specimen tubes and vials must include each of the following identification elements:

  • FULL NAME:       Patient first & last name (patient abbreviations or initials are not sufficient)
  • UNIQUE #:          One or more unique identifiers such as MRN, CRIS, NIH lab accession # or DOB
  • DATE:                 Sample collection date
  • SOURCE:            Bone marrow aspirate, apheresis product, CSF, FNA, tissue.  EXCLUSION:  Blood.
  • Source location:  Left or right aspirate, FNA or biopsy site, fluid source (pericardial, pleural, BAL)
  • OTHER:               List anticoagulants, transport media, stabilizers or other reagents present in sample


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