Help Desk / Contacts

NCICB (NCI Center for Bioinformatics) provides the C3D first line of support.

Telephone: 240-276-5541
Toll free: 888-478-4423

Use the above contact information to request assistance regarding:

  • Installation of Java Runtime Environment (JRE) (for JReview and LLI)
  • Unlocking C3D account / resetting password
  • Network Connectivity issues or accessing C3D
  • J-Review installation / log in / report errors
  • Problem with LLI (Lab Loader Interface)
  • C3D errors

Participating Sites of NCI/CCR Intramural studies, must contact the Protocol's Study Coordinator at the NCI/CCR for requests regarding:

  • C3D Training / Access
  • Completion of the C3D Case Report Forms / discrepancy management
  • Submission inquires / issues

Changes to Case Report Forms of exiting C3D studies should be approved by the NCI/CCR Study Coordinator and submitted via e-mail to NCICB.

J-Review report requests should be submitted via e-mail to NCICB attaching this report specification document.

C3D Mailing List

System Requirements


Operating System

Web Browser

Windows 7 (32/64-bit) (English)

Windows 8 (64 bit) (English)

Windows 10 (64 bit) (English)

Internet Explorer 11

Edge 38

Chrome 62

iOS 10.3

MacOS 10.12

Safari 10

LLI (Lab Loader Interface) - Intranet only

  • Java Runtime Environment 1.8 or later


  • Java Runtime Environment 1.8 or later
  • Log into JReview using your C3D account and password. Enter  for Database Server and leave SAS Server box empty.

CCR Protocols

  • Web Browser
  • PDF Reader
Frequently Asked Questions



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