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J-Review (Integrated Review) is a C3D companion reporting tool available to NCI studies. It can be used to easily create reports, or browse data, from Case Report Forms. There is a large number of "template" and existing reports available.

The current version of J-Review is 9.1.4. The version is displayed on the log in window.

I-Review has been discontinued as of 2/26/2012 and will if un-installed from your computer. Please do not user I-Review.


NCICB ( NCI Center for Bioinformatics ) provides first line of support for I-Review installation, log in issues and errors.

For report requests related to NCI Intramural studies, please fill out this request document and send it via e-mail to NCICB. The request will be forwarded to the developers which will get in touch with you.

  • J-Review:
    • J-Review is a Java based version of I-Review. It requires the Java Runtime to be installed on your computer and uses "Java Webstart" to launch it.
    • Go to this page to and click on "SSL Webstart - JReview Applicaiton Mode". Then click on the "Launch" button. Some J-Review files will be downloaded to your computer (just the first time) and the log in window appears. Enter the user name, password and databases (see FAQ below).
  • NCI/CCR J-Review Manual
    • NCI/CCR has developed an I-Review manual . It has some instructions on how to use I-Review and a catalog of template reports ready to use. Also check out the I-Review Tutorials.
  • J-Review Vendor's Manual


If you need I-Review training, please contact your Study Coordinator or try the J-Review Tutorials below.

J-Review Tutorials (Under Construction)

Visit the J-Review Tutorials page for Computer Based Training video modules.

Learn how to log in, run existing reports, export results to Excel, customize existing reports, create new reports, save reports, specifying filters, etc.

J-Review FAQs (Under Construction)

What are the C3D Training user names/passwords.
  • There are 24 accounts for each role. Simply substitute 01 with 02 or 17 for example. If an account is locked, contact NCICB to unlock it.
    • Data Manager Role: OPS$CCRDM01 / OC#CCRDM01
    • Nurse Role: OPS$CCRRN01 / OC#CCRRN01
    • Monitor Role: OPS$CCRMON01 / OC#CCRMON01
    • Developer Role: OPS$CCRPB01 / OC#CCRPB01
What are the Database and SAS server values?
  • Production: cbiodb5 (for J-Review use )
  • Training: cbiodb2 (for J-Review use )
    • Note: that your production user name and password do not exist in the Training environment and will not work. You must use one of the Training specific accounts described below.
Cannot log in even though the correct user, password and database information has been entered.
  • If your C3D account is about to expire and you are getting prompted to change it when you log into C3D RDC, change the password otherwise you won't be able to get into I-Review.
  • If you entered incorrectly some of the log in information and got an error message, don't try to enter the correct information and try again. It will not work because of a bug that remembers the initial incorrect information. Close the log in window and start the log in all over.

J-Review Known Issues

Report disappears after saving.
  • Issue:After opening a report for editing and attempting to save, cancelling the save and later on saving, may cause the report to be saved to the DEFAULT folder. (Issue already reported)
    • Workaround: Re-open the report and re-save the the desired folder.
Patient Visit Data Report
  • Issue:Unable to properly add Vertical item to an existing report. (Issue already reported)
    • Workaround: Create report from scratch.
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