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REiNS International Collaboration Poster.pptx

REiNS Patient Centered Research Poster.pptx

Donoghue_REiNS December 2016_Patient Engagement.pdf

Plotkin_REiNS Patient Engagement Teleconference 11-20-17.pdf


Working Groups

REiNS Patient Reported Outcome Measures Poster.pptx

REiNS Functional Outcomes Measures Poster.pptx

REiNS Neurocognitive Outcome Measures Poster.pptx





REiNS Meetings

December 2016

Blakeley _ REiNS December Meeting 2016_Patient Priorities.pdf

De Witt _ REiNS December Meeting 2016_Enhancing Patient Engagement.pdf

Donoghue_REiNS December 2016_Patient Engagement.pdf

Struemph_REINS December Meeting 2016_Developing PROS using patient focus groups.pdf

June 2017

Plotkin_REiNS June 2017_Roadmap for Patient Engagement.pdf

Akshintala_REiNS June 2017_Strength Testing in NF.pdf

Cannon&Pichard_REiNS 2017_cNF Working Group Update.pdf

Klein-Tasman_REiNS June 2017_Preschool Neurocog Update.pdf

Vranceanu_REiNS June 2017_General QOL Update.pdf


December 2017



REiNS slide template for presentations

REiNS slide template with logo and name_1.pptx


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