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REiNS Patient Engagement - December 2016

REiNS Patient Engagement Teleconference - November 20th, 2017


Working Groups

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PN: Volume Segmentation

PN3: Volume Segmentation Neck Chest Date 1

PN3: Volume Segmentation Neck Chest Date 2

PN3: Volume Segmentation Neck-Chest Date 3

REiNS Meetings

December 2016

1. REiNS Patient Priorities

2. REiNS Enhancing Patient Engagement

3. REiNS Patient Engagement

4. REINS Developing PROS using patient focus groups

June 2017

1. REiNS Roadmap for Patient Engagement

2. REiNS Strength Testing in NF

3. REiNS cNF Working Group Update

4. REiNS Preschool Neurocog Update

5. REiNS General QOL Update


December 2017

Invited Speakers

1. REiNS Introduction


3. REiNS Patient Representation 

4. REiNS Training Researchers

5. REiNS Teaching Patient Reps

6. REINS Patient Engagement


REiNS Working Group Updates - December 2017

1. REiNS Functional Group  

2. REiNS PRO  

3. REiNS Tumor Imaging Group  

4. REiNS WBMRI Group  

5. REiNS Visual Outcomes Group  

6. REiNS Neurocognitive Group 

7. REiNS Biomarkers Group  

8. REiNS cNF Group

May 2018 NF Forum REiNS Session (Atlanta, GA)

1. Patient Engagement in REiNS: Benefits, Challenges, and Opportunities

2. REiNS Patient Representative Training

3. Functional Measurements in Clinical Trials for Plexiform Neurofibromas

4. REiNS Neurocognitive Committee

5. Cutaneous Neurofibromas

November 2018 CTF Conference REiNS Session (Paris, France)

1. REiNS Patient Representative Training

2. REiNS Social Cognition Outcomes Measures

3. REiNS Patient Reported Outcomes (PRO) Working Group

4. REiNS Combined Whole Body MRI and Tumor Imaging



REiNS slide template for presentations

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