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  • Vaccine-Oriented Phase I/II Clinical Trial Design (Part 1)
  • Approaches to Tumor Antigen Discovery
  • Considerations in Carrying Out Phase III Clinical Trials
  • Vaccine-Oriented Phase I/II Clinical Trial Design (Part 2)
  • Assessment of Immunologic Responses to Cancer Vaccines
  • Vaccine Adjuvants
  • Molecular Monitoring of Minimal Residual Disease
  • Alternative Assays for Monitoring Immune Responses
  • Strategies for Organizing a Central Lab (Core Facility)
  • Immunologic Monitoring of Vaccine Trials
  • Strategies for Centralized Monitoring II
  • Dendritic Cells and Dendritic Cell Fusions as Cancer Vaccines
  • CGAP Mining for Potential New Tumor Antigens
  • CGAP Mining for Potential New Tumor Antigens II
  • Proteomic Approaches to the Identification of Novel Tumor Antigens
  • ELISPOT Assays
  • Further Proteomic Approaches to Novel Tumor Antigens
  • Novel Imaging Techniques for Monitoring Clinical Trials
  • Regulatory T cells in Cancer (T cell regulation and NKT)
  • Relationship between T cell infiltration into human cancers and prognosis
  • How infiltrating T cells affect human cancer
  • Progress in cancer vaccine clinical trials: Prostate cancer vaccines and GVAX
  • HIV vaccine approaches from the Institute of Human Virology
  • Monoclonal antibodies to HIV
  • TGF-beta in the immune response to cancer
  • Inactivated tumor cells or virions as vaccines
Activities and Projects
  • Organizational Meeting and Agenda Planning
  • Small Animal Models for Cancer Vaccines and Cancer (joint project with Cancer Prevention Models Working Group)
  • Novel Approaches to Breast Cancer Vaccines and Immunotherapy (joint project with Breast Cancer Faculty
    and MOCRU Breast Cancer Section)
  • Novel Approaches to HIV and HPV Vaccines (joint project with HIV and Cancer Virology Faculty)
  • Coordinating the war on AIDS at NIH (joint project with the HIV and Cancer Virology Faculty)
  • Role of IL-23, IL-12, and IL-27 in T cell infiltration into tumors and tumor immunosurveillance (joint project with Cancer and Inflammation Program)
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