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Application Eligibility and Deadlines

All CCR PIs are eligible to apply for FLEX Program funding. The primary PI for the proposed work in each award category must be a tenure-track investigator, tenured PI, senior clinician or senior scientist in CCR. Those in the Physician-Scientist Early Investigator (PEI) program can apply but must include a tenured PI as a co-PI.  Staff Scientists who are site-visited and have independent budgets (CANs) are also eligible. Non-NCI researchers can act as collaborators but cannot receive funds. The CCR-DCEG Collaborative Award is also open to intramural DCEG PIs. Please see the table below for a summary of who is eligible to submit an LOI as the Primary PI. 

Position & Division/Institute

Eligibility to Submit a FLEX LOI

CCR Tenured PIs, Senior Scientists & Senior Clinicians


CCR Tenure-Track PIs


CCR Physician-Scientist Early Investigators

Yes, as long as one of the Co-PIs is tenured

CCR Staff Scientists

Only if they are site-visited and have independent budgets (CANs)

CCR Staff Clinicians

Only if they are site-visited and have independent budgets (CANs)

DCEG Tenure-track PIs and Tenured PIs

Can be Co-PIs on LOIs for the CCR-DCEG Collaborative Award, as well as the other FLEX Award categories.  Must include a CCR Investigator as the Primary PI.

PIs from NIH ICs other than NCI (tenure track or tenured)

Can not submit an LOI. Can be collaborators or co-PIs with a CCR investigator as the Primary PI. Can not receive funds.

 Extramural PIs

Can not submit an LOI. Can be collaborators or co-PIs with a CCR investigator as the Primary PI. Can not receive funds.


Please note that the objective of the FLEX program is to facilitate the ability of CCR PIs to pursue high-risk, high-impact projects that cannot be accommodated within laboratory base allocations. This program seeks to promote all areas of cancer research. COVID-19 related projects will only be considered if they directly add to the understanding of cancer or the development of treatments for cancer patients.

FLEX Programs projects will be selected in a two-stage open competition. An initial selection will be made based on evaluation of LOIs and the top ~20% of applicants will be invited to submit a full proposal. LOI and invited proposals will be evaluated by  the CCR Science Board.

The links below provide detailed information on each award, as well as the application guidelines specific for each.

CCR Technology Development Award

CCR Synergy Award

CCR New Directions Award

CCR-DCEG Collaborative Award

CCR Basic/Translational/Clinical Axis Award

Instructions to submit LOIs, Proposals and other useful links

 Download  instructions for preparing and submitting a LOI

If invited to submit a full proposal, click here  for instructions on preparing and submitting it.



Important Deadlines

Invited Proposals are due on December 2, 2020


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