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Packaging: L1, L2, VP1, VP2 helper plasmids for producing pseudoviruses. Also, polyomavirus molecular clones


Target: reporter gene plasmids. Although in principle any <8 kb plasmid (papillomaviruses) or <5kb plasmid (polyomaviruses) can be encapsidated, some target plasmids have empirically been found to give better titer yield than others. It remains unclear why this is so. The target plasmids at this link are known to be relatively packagable


Support: miscellaneous plasmids

Plasmid maps are in standard GenBank text format. They were generated using MacVector software, which offers a free version that can be used for inspecting sequences and saving them in other formats. 

Bacterial growth medium pre-mixed with selective drugs can be purchased from Invivogen. Alternatively, pure drug can be purchased from Invitrogen. Zeocin: 25 ug/ml Blasticidin: 75 ug/ml 

We receive a great many requests for plasmids. Please help us by requesting only the particular plasmids you have a specific need for. Long lists of plasmids are time-consuming for us to locate and box up. 

Many of our plasmids are available through AddGene.

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