Mission:  To support CCR researchers in the beginning-to-end design and implementation of High-Throughput Imaging (HTI) assays

High-Throughput Imaging (HTI) allows the systematic characterization of multiple complex phenotypes at the single-cell level and on a large scale. HTI can be used in RNAi or CRISPR/Cas9  functional genomics screens to identify and characterize molecular pathways of interest, or in chemical genetics screens to identify compounds with interesting biological properties and therapeutic potential. HTI is also extremely useful for the systematic quantification of exceedingly rare phenotypic events in large and heterogeneous populations of cells. The HiTIF is equipped with automated liquid handling instrumentation for library management and dispensing of perturbing agents, with confocal fluorescence microscopy platforms for live, high-throughput image acquisition, and with automated image analysis and secondary data analysis software. We provide HiTIF users with expertise in the use of HTI instrumentation and software and in the design, troubleshooting and implementation of HTI assays to answer a wide range of biological questions.

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