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Speaker invitation : The Art of Science

Speakers invited by Karobi Moitra & Rasmi Thomas:

1. Dr. Ben Dubin-Thaler has been invited to speak on the 'Science Teaching' topic and had accepted the invitation.

   Dr. Thaler is the founder of 'BioBus' this is an outreach program which brings science to children by way of a bus which is equipped with scientific equipment. This bus travels around NYC and its surrounding areas bringing science to kids by way of actual hands-on experiments which the kids can do inside the bus itself.

2. Dr. Nicole Kresge (editor -in chief, ASBMB Today) has been invited to speak on science writing and editing and has accepted the invitation.

3. Dr. Alan Rorie (Artist and Scientist, Almost Scientific) and  Post Doctoral Fellow at The Exploratorium- the museum of Science, Art and Human perception , San Francisco, CA  has accepted the invitation to speak at the colloquium and share his unique perspective on the intersection of art, science and education.


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