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List of potential workshops to be conducted at the 2010 CCR-FYI Retreat

This list was prepared by Raed and Karobi.

Workshop committee co-chairs are responsible for proposing a no. of workshops.

These were then voted on by a CCR-wide survey ( mainly post-docs & post-bacs) and the final workshop list  ( 6 workshops) was put together.

Workshop ideas for 2010 Retreat


1. Science Communication : Skills for the Science Educator

   Scientific Talks/ Presentations

   Scientific Classroom Lectures / Teaching

   Science communication through the arts – fine art ( painting sculptures etc.) , literature (novels etc.)

   Science through the internet- science blogs, webpages,

   You-tube, Human Genre Project etc.

 2. Toolkit for the Academic Job Search : Cover letters, CV’s,
     Teaching Statements and Networking.
 3. The Job Interview: Academia vs Industry.

     This session would include mock interviews , tips and

     tools for what to expect at an Academic vs Industry


4. How to Review Scientific Papers and Grant Applications:
    Tips and Tools  from the Experts.
 5. Everything You Need to Know About K-grants

     Where you can get the relevant information, how to write

     the grant, how to meet deadlines etc.

6.  Exploring Careers for the 21stcentury

     Careers in Patents and Technology Transfer, Scientific Consulting

     Biotechnology, Genetic Counseling, Science Policy etc.

7. Bioinformatics and  Relevant Computer Skills for Scientists

    Free online programs for Bioinformatics, Biowulf at the NIH.

    Powerpoint, Computer Animations, Science Videos, How to start

    a Science Blog etc.


8. Career Development Skills for Postbacs: Where to go and how to
     get there !

     Getting into Medical School

     Getting into Graduate School

     Alternative careers for postbacs.

9.  The Art of Science (writing/editing/speaking/teaching)
10.  NCI Core facilities
11. Science Management (successful postdoc experience, setting up

      a lab, conflict resolution)

12. Moving to Industry
13. Opportunities to build your resume
14. International Opportunities


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