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Financial Assessment Process

NCI Direct Bill Process 

All requests for Direct Bills:

  • Patient must have a financial assessment performed by social work (via an ATV request)
  • A request via email must be sent and approved by Caryn Steakley, Deputy Director CCR
  • Social Work will no longer be making direct bill hotel reservations.
  • The research nurses and PCCs are now permitted to contact the Direct Bill Hotel and make reservations. Include the patient name, dates and indicate “direct bill for NIH”. 
  • Direct Bill Hotel Information Sheet which includes a list of the hotels can be found here.

Immigration: Please visit the Clinical Center website for information

If you have an international patient coming to the NIH, the Social Work department has resources to help. Notify Social Work asap using the email:

If you need an inbound ambulance from another facility (the 1 page form) – this is what ADMISSIONS does. 

If you need an outbound ambulance (the 3 page form) – this is what SOCIAL WORK does.

If you are requesting a body/body part transportation to the CC for autopsy – this is what ADMISSIONS does.  Click here to Patient Support Services page for more information.


Last updated by Yu, Theresa (NIH/NCI) [E] on Jun 14, 2018