Promotion Information for Nurses

General Information:
  • To be considered for promotion to a GS-13, you must first be eligible for promotion within the NIH Human Resources (HR) system. Check with your Team Leader.
  • It is important to discuss your goal of promotion with your Team Leader during your evaluations.
  • Your performance should reflect elements at a GS-13 level. Things to consider: 
    • Are you consistently exceeding expectations?
    • Are your audits outstanding?
    • What are your leadership skills?
    • Do you write and routinely review protocols for consistency?
    • What tools do you use for documentation?
    • If you coordinate multi-center trials, what is your role?
  • The panel will review for all applications on a rolling basis.
  • Final sign-off will be the CCR Clinical Director, Dr. James Gulley, and the Director of Office of Research Nursing, Corrine Keen.
Additional Information:
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