NIH/CC/CCR Orientation Requirements

Welcome to the CCR!

All new hires to the CCR, both government and contractor, are required to participate in orientation. This orientation program has been developed and coordinated by the CCR Office of the Clinical Director to be compliant with NIH and Clinical Center (CC) requirements with added emphasis on clinical research. The focus of the research-specific program is to ensure that all new employees receive consistent information regarding the conduct of oncology trials according to U.S. Code of Federal Regulations and Good Clinical Practice Guidelines.

For Physicians, Clinical Research Coordinators (nurse and non nurse), PAs, NPs, CCR Sponsor staff, and PCCs, I will review the orientation requirements specific to your role. Data Managers will meet with their supervisors for orientation requirements.

For all the orientation activities, please CLICK HERE.

Please note that for Nurse Clinical Research Coordinators activities 1-10 need to be completed prior to submitting your credentials verification packet. 

For the 2024 NIH Clinical Center Training Assessment Record For New Employees click here. 

If you have any questions at anytime, please don’t hesitate to contact the Office of Education and Compliance.

Thank you,
Elizabeth Ness, RN, MS, CRN-BC
Director, Office of Education and Compliance
Center for Cancer Research, NCI

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