Specimen Collection, Transport Media and Delivery

Specimen delivery cutoff time is 1 p.m. Monday – Friday workdays (no weekends or holidays).

Go to "After Working Hours" for alternate instructions.

Deliver to Room 3S240 Manguson Center:  Blood, bone marrow, CSF, FNAs, fluid or other cell suspensions at room temperature (20 - 25C). Deliver frozen cells on dry ice.

Peripheral Blood Sodium Heparin vacutainers, Collection & Delivery



Bone Marrow aspirate Heparinized Syringe, Collection & Delivery

See also BM Aspirate collection instructions

Cerebral Spinal Fluid (CSF) Transport media, Collection & Delivery

Before collection, get Flow CSF transport media tube:

Non-CSF Fluid, Fine Needle Aspirate or LN / Tissue Biopsy Triage in Cytopathology

See also further Cytopathology specimen collection instructions.

IMPORTANT!! Flow Cytometry aliquot must be FIXATIVE-FREE i.e. no formalin, no B5 fixative, no alcohol, etc. Fixation will cause cell death and is not reversible.