Procedures for Promotion to GS-13, Senior Nurse Specialist (Research)

1) Review the general information.

2) Discuss the promotion concept with your Team Leader and Principal Investigator (PI). Identify a mentor.

3) Meet with your mentor on a regular basis to assess competency and leadership, establish goals, strategize mastery for technical aspects of your position (ONS Competencies as applicable) and leadership competency. 

4) Prepare your promotion packet. The packet must include:

5) Submit your completed packet to the Chief, Office of Research Nursing, Bulding 10, Room 3-2571.

6) The promotion panel will meet on an ad hoc basis to review submitted packets.

7) If your promotion packet requires revisions as recommended by the panel, you will be given the opportunity to address those and resubmit the packet.

8) If the promotion panel unanimously decides to accept your promotion packet, you will be invited to participate in an interview with the panel.

9) The candidate for promotion will be notified of the date and time of the panel interview and given a brief list of sample interview questions from which to prepare responses.  The purpose of the interview is for the panel to meet the candidate, to gain an understanding of the candidate's current leadership abilities, discuss the proposed leadership initiative, and goals for involvement as a senior research nurse within the Office of Research Nursing.

10) When your promotion is approved, the Chief, Office of Research Nursing will work with you to prepare the necessary paperwork for NIH Human Resources.


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