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NCICB ( NCI Center for Bioinformatics ) provides first line of support for C3D.

Contact them problems installing JInitiator, logging in and locked accounts.

Participating Sites should contact the appropriate NCI Study Coordinator (usually the Research Nurse) for study specific questions/issues.



C3D related broadcasts are sent to two NIH LISTSERV: lists. See below. Your e-mail account is added to one of them when your C3D account is created.

C3D RDC ( Remote Data Capture )
LLI ( Lab Loader Interface )

LLI Tool allows for labs from the NIH Clinical Center to be electronically transferred into C3D. For instructions on how to use LLI Tool, refer to appendix IV of the latest eCRFs Instructions Manual.


Consult the following link for schedule and use the form to submit training request.

C3D RDC FAQs (under construction)

C3D RDC ( Remote Data Capture ) is ...

Printing from C3D RDC Onsite

Labs FAQs

C3D is capable of electronically loading labs. For tests done in the NIH Clinical Center, the LLI (Lab Loader Interface) tool allows users to select (according to Protocol's study design) which labs to load into C3D.

Some older studies (prior to 2007) might be configured to load labs automatically into C3D.

There can be many reasons why labs are not loaded in C3D or not available in LLI for review. Review the topics in the Lab Loading Troubleshooting page to determine the appropriate course of action.