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A.  These by-laws are effective June 28, 2002 (reviewed and revised in April 2013. Reviewed and revised on April 2017)

B.   Each current member of the CCR- Fellows and Young Investigator (FYI) Steering Committee (SC) must be familiar with these by-laws and agree that their activities as members are bound by them.


A.  Young Investigators including but not limited to NCI CCR postdoctoral Fellows, Clinical Fellows, post-baccalaureate fellows, and graduate students are currently in mentored training positions are members of the CCR-FYI. Any member may volunteer to serve on the CCR-FYI Steering Committee (SC). Fellows and young investigators from other institutes, upon prior approval of the SC, may become members of the CCR-FYI. Funding to attend colloquiums or other CCR-FYI sponsored events will be the responsibility of the individual’s institute.

B.   The Fellow and Young Investigators Steering Committee (FYISC) shall be the legislative and executive body of the CCR-FYI, subject to the controls vested by these by-laws.

C.  Current SC members should volunteer to be active members in at least one Sub-Committee and are expected to assist in the annual CCR-FYI Colloquium. Upon accepting membership in a Sub-Committee, individuals agree to maintain active membership for a minimum of one year. Each regular member will have one vote in all voting matters of the Sub-Committee.

D.  Members will attain voting status upon completing four months as an SC member.


Alumni CCR-FYI members and tenure track researchers can participate in meetings and decision-making, but only in an advisory capacity.

Ad-hoc members
CCR/ Office of the Director (OD), CCR/ Office of Training and Education (OTE)
A.  Designated representatives from each office will serve in an advisory capacity to the SC and, as such, will not have a vote in voting matters of the SC or any Sub-Committee.

B.   At least one representative from each office may attend the meetings of the SC or any Sub-Committee meeting.

C.  Fellows who cannot attend regular steering committee meetings but would like to participate in Colloquium planning and execution, such as include abstract judging and session chair activities.

Organization and Responsibilities 

Duties of Co-Chairs
A.  Maintain one- and five-year plan for the SC. This plan will be a detailed vision of the goals and activities for the SC for the pursuant one and five-year periods.

B.   Alternate organizing and managing monthly meetings, including writing the agenda. Distribute meeting agendas to CCR-FYI via the CCR-postdocs listserv and CCR-SC listserv.

C.  Open the annual CCR-FYI Colloquium, and ensure the success thereof.

D.  Act as the point of contact for personnel wishing to contact the committee.

E.   Maintain regular contact with staff of CCR/OD.
F.   Represent the CCR-FYI at campus activities (or designate another SC member).

G.  Represent the CCR-FYI at the monthly Intramural Advisory Board Meeting as a non-voting member.

H.  Should continue to serve on the SC for at least one year following tenure as Chair to advise and ensure continuity of SC leadership. Service can be in the capacity of an ex-officio member, full-member, or as an executive member dependent on reelection to such a position. 

Duties of Secretary
A.  Produce meeting summaries and ensuring that information from CCR-FYI SC meetings is communicated to all postdocs. This includes, but is not limited to: posting the meeting minutes on the website, and sending minutes by e-mail. They shall be considered part of the public record and may be inspected by any member of the CCR-FYI.

B.   Maintain list of SC members and sub-committee members and distribute member list to the SC with the monthly meeting agenda.

C.  Responsible for tracking CCR-FYI SC monthly meeting attendance and communicating with members regarding unexcused absences.

D.  Responsible for the distribution of the by-laws to all new members of the SC.

E.   Assume the duties of the in his or her absence.

F.   Maintain and generally be responsible for the CCR-FYI listserv, or delegate said responsibility.

Current Members of the Steering Committee
A.  Current SC members are appointed by volunteering to participate on the CCR-FYI SC and must attend the scheduled monthly meetings of the SC.

B.   Upon accepting membership in the FYI Steering Committee, individuals agree to maintain active membership for a minimum of one year.

C.  Be a member of at least one sub-committee.

D.  Assist in dissemination of pertinent information to the postdoctoral population at large.

E.   Communicate concerns to the SC from postdoctoral fellows, clinical fellows and young investigators.

F.   Hold informal meetings with postdoctoral fellows as necessary.

G.  The CCR-FYI SC will strive to maintain diversity and equal representation among scientific discipline, experience, gender, and foreign national status.

Duties of the CCR/OD and OTE
A.  Advise the SC of relevant issues related to NCI and CCR policy, national science policy, and educational policy.

B.   Advise the SC on the priorities and goals of the CCR and the NCI.

C.  Provide support for special events as necessary.

Election of Co-Chairs, Vice-Chair and Secretary  

A.  The call for candidates for each position (two co-chairs representing both Frederick and Bethesda campuses and one secretary) will be issued to the SC members at the first meeting after the yearly colloquium. Candidates will be presented to all CCR-FYI members via public email. Candidates are then encouraged to provide a brief outline describing their credentials and goals for serving as an executive member. Candidates can run for more than one position, but can only hold one position after the election.
B.  Between the second and third meeting after the colloquium, an anonymous online voting for the elected officers will be held.  The nominees with the two highest vote counts for the position of co-chairs will be elected to those positions.  The nominees with the highest vote counts for the positions of vice-chair and secretary will be elected to those positions.  If a tie occurs, then a run-off election will be held.  A tie is defined as an equal number of votes.  With this voting scheme, there is no averaging of scores, and the raw number of votes will be used directly.  If a nominee is elected to more than one position, the nominee will be contacted and allowed to choose the position he or she wants to fill, and the person with the next most votes will fill the vacant position. If an officer position is not filled by the election process, the newly elected co-chairs may designate an ad hoc officer (secretary). If one campus (either Bethesda or Frederick) lacks an elected officer, the newly elected co-chairs may designate an “ad hoc” vice-chair for that campus.  In this case, it is acceptable to have a fifth officer.  Four elected officers would be at one campus, and a designated ad hoc vice-chair at the other campus. If only one person is nominated for each category, they will be given the position by default.

C.  Elected co-chairs and secretary will be announced to general FYI members via email. 

D.  Co-chairs and secretary will serve for a period of one year.


Conduct of meetings  
A.  The regular meetings of the Steering Committee shall be held on the last Thursday of every month at 11 a.m. in a location to be announced. Any change in time or location must be agreed upon at the previous meeting and approved by a majority of members present at that meeting.

B.   Meetings will abide by the by-laws of the CCR-FYI and will be scheduled for one hour. No meeting of the Steering committee shall exceed two hours in length except by a simple majority vote. If the meeting is to be extended, it shall be extended in half-hour increments. Unfinished business will be relegated to the next meeting.

C.  Quorum is more than one-half of the active membership of the SC. A quorum shall be necessary to vote on proposed motions and to amend the by-laws of the Steering Committee. If a quorum is not present, motions may be voted on electronically, if approved by a majority of the members present.

D.  Voting Motions shall carry if they receive a majority vote. All regular members present may vote. Electronic votes shall be carried out by the Chair within a limited time frame.

A.  Attendance will be taken at each meeting. To remain in good standing, members must attend all scheduled monthly meetings. Members that are not able to attend a meeting must notify the Chair via e-mail or by telephone.

B.   Excused absences should be coordinated with the Chair 24 hrs in advance. Excused absences include but are not limited to emergencies, annual, sick, or maternity leave, attendance at scientific meetings, or patient care, and are at the discretion of the chair. Excused absences will not be considered as a missed meeting. However, no more than 3 successive excused absences will be permitted and will result in suspension of membership rights (defined below).

C.  Unexcused absences: If a member has one unexcused absence, he or she will be notified in writing by the administrative secretary. After a second unexcused absence in a one-year period, the member will be placed in probationary status which results in loss of voting privileges.  The member can return to good standing only after four months’ attendance.  A third unexcused absence in the course of one year will result in suspension of membership rights (defined below).

D. Suspension of Membership Rights:  More than 3 successive excused absences or 3 total unexcused absences in a one year period will result in suspension of membership rights.  This includes suspension in voting privileges, removal from the attendance record, removal from the FYI-member wiki access and loss of ability to run for an executive position on the Steering Committee for a period of at least one year.

E.  Members of the trainee community are invited to attend and speak at all meetings but are not eligible to vote unless they are members of the CCR-FYI SC.

Order of Business
A.  An agenda of all scheduled meetings will be distributed in advance to all CCR-FYI members via CCR-postdocs listserv. Agenda items should be sent to the Chair at least one week before the meeting to allow time for inclusion in the formal agenda. Any SC members can recommend additional agenda items.

B.   The Chair shall call the meeting to order. The secretary will take attendance.

C.  Approval of minutes. A copy of the previous meetings' minutes will be sent by e-mail to all CCR-FYI members and posted on the CCR-FYI website. The Chair will announce any changes at the meeting.

D.  Reports. The Chairperson shall call only on those SC members who have reports to make. Any such request should be made to the Chair at least one week in advance of the meeting.

E.   Unfinished business. Items to be considered under this heading include:

1.   Any question that was pending when the previous meeting adjourned.

2.   Any question which was to be considered at the previous meeting but was postponed for debate.

F.   New business. The Chair shall ask if there is any new business. Any current voting SC member can introduce new business or remove from the table any matter that is on the table.

G.  Announcements. The Chairperson may make, or call upon others to make any necessary announcements; or, any SC member may briefly obtain the floor for such a purpose.

H.  Adjournment.

A.  Sub-committees shall be created to investigate and recommend action on matters, which concern the CCR-FYI.

B.   The Sub-Committees will be comprised of volunteers from the CCR-FYI SC membership. The duties of a sub-committee and its power to act on certain decisions shall be outlined at its formation and shall be approved by the CCR-FYI SC.

C.  All sub-committee chairs, or appropriate representative in the event the chair cannot attend the meeting, are required to report during the monthly meeting of the CCR-FYI SC. Monthly reports will be submitted to the SC Chair one week prior to the CCR-FYI SC meetings.

D.  Standing Sub-Committees will be established to consider continuing questions and projects. As part of their duties, all voting members of the CCR-FYI SC must also be a member of at least one of the standing Sub-Committee. Additional standing Sub-Committees may be proposed by any SC member, but must be voted into existence by majority vote. Each Sub-Committee shall elect a chair from their membership.

E.   Ad hoc Sub-Committees shall be created as the need arises to perform a specific task (e.g. surveys, events).

1.   Established for examining questions for which no appropriate standing Sub-Committee exists, as determined by the SC.

2.   At its formation, the ad hoc Sub-Committee shall be given a specific period of time to complete its task as determined by the SC.

3.   If the ad hoc Sub-Committee cannot complete the task within the appointed time, the Chair may consider extending the appointment time or dissolving the Sub-Committee with the approval of the CCR-FYI SC membership.

I.    Colloquium   

1.   The SC will choose 1-2 members to serve as the chair for the colloquium planning committee. The chair(s) will be responsible for organizing and managing, including preparing agendas for all planning meetings, and ensuring all colloquium committee and subcommittee duties are completed. Additionally, there may be 1-2 vice chairs. The vice chairs will agree to serve for a one year term prior to taking over as chair the following term. The vice chair(s) will also be responsible for managing the process of abstract judging.

22.   Responsible for planning the annual CCR-FYI colloquium. However, all CCR-FYI SC members are expected to assist with the colloquium.

33.   Work with the administrative support personnel (including outside contractors) to determine the location for the colloquium, the dates, and the schedule for events that need to be completed prior to the colloquium.

44.   Produce the schedule for the colloquium. This schedule must be approved by a simple majority of SC members at a regular CCR-FYI SC meeting.

55.   Generate a list of potential invited speakers. Any SC member may make suggestions for speakers.

66.   Invite speakers for the CCR-FYI colloquium, assign CCR-FYI SC members to each speaker to act as a host, and organize volunteers to introduce each speaker.

77.   Organize publicity for the colloquium with the Publicity Sub-Committee.

88.   Generate a list of abstract categories and criteria for judging abstracts (Vice Chair).

99.   Organize volunteers to judge abstracts, and to moderate the Oral Presentation sessions (Vice Chair).

1010.   Distribute abstracts to the judges, and organize the scores (Vice Chair).

111. All financial support for the colloquium comes from the CCR/OD. Spending is approved by the CCR/OTE.

II. Community Life    

1.   Newsletter. Responsible for writing, editing, and producing a newsletter for postdoctoral fellows and young investigators at NCI that will be published every 3 months. Contact all other Sub-Committee chairs, appropriate members of the administration and any other persons deemed appropriate to obtain a brief account of activities, campus developments and issues to be published in newsletter.

2.   Communications. Develop and maintain CCR-FYI website, wiki, LinkedIn and email accounts. Contact all other Sub-Committee chairs, appropriate members of the administration and any other persons deemed appropriate to obtain a brief account of activities, campus developments and issues to appear on the relevant sites. Monitor email account and coordinate with co-chairs to respond as needed.

3.   Social. Organize quarterly social events for the SC, as well as CCR trainee community at-large (e.g. monthly lunches, networking events or coffee hours).

4.   Orientation. Assist the Office of Training and Education with new employee orientations to introduce CCR-FYI to the in-coming employees.

5.   FELCOM Representative: A member of the CCR-FYI will be appointed/volunteer to serve as either the clinical or basic science CCR representative to FELCOM and provide monthly reports of FELCOM activities.

6.   NPA Liaison: At least one member of the CCR-FYI will serve as the National Postdoctoral Associate (NPA) representative and provide monthly reports on NPA activities.

7. Outreach: Organize and manage the annual Toy and Food Drive benefiting the NIH Children’s Inn. Drive should start the Monday after the Thanksgiving holiday and run for two weeks. Organize additional quarterly events for the SC within the Bethesda and Frederick communities.

8. Postbacs: The postbac subcommittee will have a postdoc mentor to oversee continuity of the subcommittee due to high turnover of the postbac population. There may be a postbac representative from both the Bethesda and Frederick campuses. Responsible for organizing opportunities for clinical collaborations and professional development workshops related to applying to graduate and medical school.

III. By-Laws/Policy  

1.   Members of the By-laws committee will meet once per year to update and revise the by-laws. They will also be responsible for making amendments as necessary.

2.   All proposed changes will be discussed and approved by the majority of the members of the Steering Committee.

3.   The by-laws Sub-Committee shall consist of at least 3 individuals including the executive officers of the Steering Committee.


IV. Scientific 

1.   Responsible for CCR Fellows seminar series.

2. Responsible for organizing PASS sessions and career development workshops.

33.   Responsible for updating and distributing a scientific survey at annual CCR-FYI Colloquium and reporting the survey results of the previous year within four months of the Colloquium.

44.   Responsible for presenting the results of the scientific survey to the Intramural Advisory Board, Principle Investigators, and Fellows and posting it on the CCR-FYI web site.


1.   The SC shall review the by-laws at least annually to ensure that they remain current.

2.   The Chair of the Sub-Committee will announce the review period to SC members to allow input from all members. The review period shall be at least 10 days in length.

3.   Proposed changes to the by-laws will be sent to the by-laws Sub-committee, where they will be written, and then submitted to the SC for approval.

4.   Proposed changes to the by-laws can be made at any time following discussion at a regularly scheduled SC meeting pending the vote of the SC membership.

5.   Proposed changes should be submitted in writing to the Chair and presented for discussion at the next scheduled SC meeting.

B.   All proposed amendments to the CCR-FYI by-laws shall be publicly posted at least one week in advance of the CCR-FYI SC meeting at which they are to be considered. Public posting shall include, but is not necessarily limited to, posting on the CCR-FYI web site.

C.  A majority vote by SC members is required to pass the amendment onto the By-law sub-committee for further discussion and changes.

D.  A 2/3 vote of a quorum of members is required for the amendment to be attached (or otherwise included in) the by-laws.

E.   Distribute updated by-laws to all CCR-FYI members.


List of abbreviations:  
CCR: Center for Cancer Research
FYI: Fellows and Young Investigators Association
SC: Steering Committee
OD: Office of Director
OTE: Office of Training and Education

April 2017 CCR-FYI Bylaws April 2017 Revision

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