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Hi Everyone!


Thank you for volunteering to help with the Career Fair. Attached to this email you will find your assigned list of approximately 50 companies that you need to contact. Please make your initial contact byDec 14th. This breaks down to calling about 5 companies per day for the next two weeks. We realize this is an aggressive deadline, but we want to make first contact before Christmas. 


The order for contacting the companies is firstly to call the contact number where you will either speak to a representative or leave a voicemail.  You will then follow up with an email that includes the official invitation.


Attached files:

1)      The file entitled CCR Retreat Contact lists ~50 companies/organizations and their contact details. In some instances multiple contacts are listed for a company. In this case contact each in turn i.e. call and email the first and if there is no reply in two days move onto the next.


2)      The file entitled Script for Colloquium Career Fair- Calls.  This provides two scripts if a representative or voicemail is reached by phone.


3)      The file entitled Script for Colloquium Career Fair- Email. This provides two scripts for the email follow-up depending on whether a representative or voicemail was reached.


4)      The file entitled 2010 CR-FYI Career Fair Invitation -- This file will be sent as an attachment on all follow up emails


Please record all correspondence on the CCR Retreat Contact List file i.e.


Status column: ie accepted/ declined


Initial contact and reply column: ie date contacted, representative reached or voicemail, date follow up email sent. Response from company


Further follow ups column:  Any other correspondence


When company registration closes, we will request return of your contact file so we can compile an updated file for the following year.  Please contact us if you have any questions or if for any reason you are unable to complete your group by the deadline. Any questions which you are unable to answer can be forwarded to us and we will reply. We certainly wouldn’t be able to do this alone, so THANK YOU for volunteering to help.


Thank you

Katie and Kim

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