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The Cairns ICMRBS SAXS-SANS-NMR Workshop

Combining Small-Angle X-ray and Neutron Scattering with Biomolecular NMR


Terry Mulhern and Yun-Xing Wang


  • Ad Bax (NIDDK, NIH)
  • Andrew Byrd (NCI, NIH)
  • Charles Schwieters (DCIT, NIH, USA)
  • Xiaobing Zuo (NCI, NIH, USA)
  • Alex Grishaev (NIDDK, NIH, USA)
  • Andrew Whitten (Univ. of Queensland, Australia)
  • Yun-Xing Wang (NCI, NIH, USA)

For Registration and more information

Please register  at the ICMRBS conference site:  ICMRBS Registration Page

and also send an email notice to Ms. Carla Zimmerman
phone: 1-301-846-5368, fax 1-301-846-6146

This is an intensive tutorial workshop. The topics covered (listed on the next page) range from the fundamental principles of scattering phenomena to the practical applications of scattering experiments with a focus on the combined use of scattering and solution NMR. The course is modeled on the 1st NIH Workshop on Small Angle X-ray Scattering and its Application in Biological Studies, which was held in Oct 28, 2009 in NCI-Frederick, NIH.

The workshop will sponsored by NCI (USA), The Australian Synchrotron and Anton Paar (GmbH). Registration is required ($25), and will be accessible as part of the ICMRBS registration process. The lecture notes will be available for download prior to the workshop. The workshop venue will be the Sebel Hotel, Cairns, starting at 9:00 AM and ending at 5:00 PM, Saturday, August 21, 2010. Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea will be provided. Please note, the workshop is on the day before the main ICMRBS meeting commences and the attendees are responsible for arranging their additional lodging.

Deadline for applications:

June 1, 2010

  • Applications after this date can be considered only if space still available.
  • Strong applications from overseas participants may be confirmed long before the deadline to help with visa and flight ticket arrangements.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Cairns,

Terry Mulhern and Yun-Xing Wang

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