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PASSC (Pair-to-Pair Alignment of Sequence-Structure Correlation)


PASSC has been tested on LINUX (SuSE 7.3), Mac OS X (10.2.5), and IRIX (6.5). passc-2.2.tar.gz contains the passc source codes, matrices, and sample test files.

The pscdb-2.2.tar.gz contains 8001 (.psc) files derived from (.env) files in envdb-3.1.tar.gz by using mkpsc program. Each file has an amino acid sequence, secondary structure, and polarity information separated into 3 sections. All of the 8001 files are concatenated into one scop-psc2.2.lib library file in the same directory.

Last updated by Tai, Chin-Hsien (NIH/NCI) [E] on Jun 09, 2011