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Monday Morning Practice Pearls

M2P2 #1-25

M2P2 #26-40

M2P2 #41: What is the primary completion date (PCD) and the anticipated completion date (ACD)? Why are these dates important?
M2P2 #42: What is an unexpected adverse event (AE) and how is it be reported to the IRB?
M2P2 #43: Who needs to be listed on the Delegation of Authority/Signature Log? 
M2P2 #44: What happens if a patient signs an informed consent document with dates outside of the approved date range?
M2P2 #45: There are several email boxes used in the CCR. How do I know what to send to which email?
M2P2 #46:  How to respond to a Problem Form Stipulation (revised March 16, 2018)
M2P2 #47: Telephone Consent


Additional Practice Pearls/Tips

PET Scan information (Molecular Imaging Clinic vs. Research Pet Department)

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