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Frequently Asked Questions: Routing in iRIS



How should I route an amendment in iRIS?

When you are routing an IR or amendment that required scientific review, you now must route to the scientific review committee chair.  This signature (along with the PI and BC) must be obtained before it is received by the IRB).  If the BC is also the chair of the SR committee that reviewed the protocol, then assign it to that person twice, once in each role.


When we add other Key Research Personnel with an amendment, do we need to route to them in iRIS the way we do for other AIs, or is simply adding them sufficient?

A: Yes, you need to route the action to all of the people you add as an “other Key Research Personnel” as you would when adding a new AI.  Just be sure to select the correct role for the person before you route it to them.  This only applies to “other KRP” you are adding who have a NIH NED ID.


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