If you are a CCR PI, Staff Scientist or Staff Clinician and are interested in joining the CCR RNA Biology Initiative, or have questions about the site, please contact Laura Hooper or Joe Ziegelbauer.

All others are welcome to join the CCR RNA Biology listserv. Submit your subscription request at https://list.nih.gov/cgi-bin/wa.exe?SUBED1=CCR_RNA_BIO&A=1  


Steering Committee Members:

Caplen, NatashaGenetics BranchBethesda
Gottesman, SusanLaboratory of Molecular BiologyBethesda
Hughes, SteveHIV DRP Retroviral Replication LaboratoryFrederick
Ji, XinhuaMacromolecular Crystallography LaboratoryFrederick
Kashlev, MikhailRNA Biology LaboratoryFrederick
Mili, StavroulaLaboratory of Cellular and Molecular BiologyBethesda
Oberdoerffer, ShaliniLaboratory of Receptor Biology and Gene ExpressionBethesda
Schneekloth, JayChemical Biology LaboratoryFrederick
Shapiro, BruceRNA Biology LaboratoryFrederick
Shern, JackPediatric Oncology BranchBethesda
Wolin, SandraRNA Biology LaboratoryFrederick
Ziegelbauer, JoeHIV and AIDS Malignancy BranchBethesda