Submissions to the Radiation Safety Committee (RSC)

SOP #:  RPS-8

Next Review Date:  04/2015

Version #:  1.0

Interval Period:  Biennial

Approved Version #: 1.0 Date:  04/2013

Policy Reference: 

Purpose: To identify the process for submitting protocols to the Radiation Safety Committee (RSC) for those studies that contain research-indicated imaging. 
Step 1:  Determine if a protocol meets the criteria for submitting to the RSC

Review the protocol to verify it involves research-indicated radiologic studies (CT, PET, etc.) or the use of any radioactive agent, isotope, or nuclide

Step 2: Submit
Submit a Protocol to the RSC for initial review or amendment

Complete the form NIH 88-23 (a) "Application for Authorization to use Radiation in Research Involving Human Subjects".

Obtain appropriate signatures on NIH 88-23 (a) form.

Review the radiation exposure consent language and add it to standard informed consent document.

Send the following documents to RSC Lead Clinical Protocol Reviewer (*Sarah Kindrick, MD, DRS  (* via email:

Respond to stipulations (if applicable)

Respond to comments in an outlined memo format or in body of email.

Send Response memo and revised documents back to RSC.

Process Approval Form

Upload approval form NIH 88-23 (a) into the Study Documents section in iRIS.

Attach approval form NIH 88-23 (a) to initial IRB submission in iRIS.

Triennial Review

Re-submit documents to the RSC every three years.

Upon approval by the RSC:

Deviations and Adverse Events

Complete the Radiation Safety Committee Incident Report found at:

Email to: Sarah Kindrick, MD, DRS  (