Multi-Institutional Monitoring Visit

SOP #: MI-2

Next Review Date: 10/2005

Version #: 1

Review Interval Period: Biennial

Approved Version #: 1 Date: 10/2005

Policy Reference: MI-1

Purpose: To describe the procedure for conducting a monitoring visit at a participating site in a multi-institutional study.
STEP 1: Schedule Monitoring Visit
  1. The CCR Study Coordinator/designee contacts the participating site Study Coordinator to determine date, time, and location of monitoring visit.
  2. CCR Study Coordinator sends out monitoring visit confirmation letter.
STEP 2: Prepare Materials for Monitoring Visit
  1. The CCR Study Coordinator/designee prepares the following materials for the visit (where applicable):
STEP 3: Conduct Monitoring Visit

The CCR Study Coordinator/designee conducts the interim monitoring visit and reviews, but is not limited to, the following:

  1. Informed consents:
  2. Check that all subjects are eligible per the protocol criteria and recorded in the source documentation.
  3. Check Protocol Adherence:
  4. Review CRFs (eCRFs):
  5. Data/CRF queries and error correction:
  6. Review Lab data:
  7. Review all Adverse Events:
  8. Review of Investigational Product (IP) storage, handling, and documentation (if applicable for all steps):
  9. Review biological specimen storage, handling, and documentation:
  10. Review the Site Regulatory File:
  11. Visit satellite sites/other facilities:
  12. Meet with the participating site PI and designated team members to:
STEP 4: Document Activities of Monitoring Visit
  1. Leave a copy of list of outstanding actions/issues to be resolved before next monitoring visit.
  2. Sign the Site Visit Log in the Investigator’s Site File.
  3. Send participating site PI a monitoring visit follow-up letter.
  4. Complete the monitoring visit report and send to PI of participating site.