CCR Forms


Review/Revision/Posting Date

Regulatory Binder Forms 
 Delegation of Tasks / Signature Log January 2018
 Protocol Review Log3/4/2014
 Screening and Enrollment Log 10/1/2005
 Site Visit Log 10/1/2005
 Telephone Log 10/1/2005
Misc. Report Forms 
  Safety Monitoring Committee (SMC) Report Template  March 2014
Site Visit Forms 
 Site Initiation Visit Confirmation Letter Template 10/1/2005
 Site Initiation Visit Follow-up Letter Template 10/1/2005
 Site Initiation Visit Sample Agenda  10/1/2005
 Site Initiation Visit Report Template 10/1/2005
 Regulatory Documentation Checklist 10/1/2005
 Site Monitoring Visit Confirmation Letter Template 10/1/2005
 Site Monitoring Visit Follow-up Letter Template  10/1/2005
 Monitoring Visit Report Template 10/1/2005
 Case Report Form Tracking Log 10/1/2005
 Data Correction Form 10/1/2005
 MI CRF Tracking Log 10/1/2005
 Deviation Log 10/1/2005
 Study Close-out Visit Report Template 10/1/2005
 Study Close-out Visit Confirmation Letter Template 10/1/2005
 Study Close-out Visit Checklist 10/1/2005
 Study Close-out Visit Follow-up Letter Template 10/1/2005
Drug Accountability 
 CCR Investigational Drug Return Form 4/11/2011
 CCR Patient Self-Administered Study Agent Compliance Log  4/11/2011
 CCR Patient Self-Administered Study Agent Interim Compliance Form 4/11/2011
Clearance Form for Associate and Senior Research Physician as CRADA PI


CCR Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Template

September 2017

PHS Conversion Request Memo


Pay Comparison Memo


Records Management Forms 
SF-135 Record Transmittal and Receipt Posted 8/21/15
NCI Box Content Listing Posted 8/21/15
 Data Sharing Forms 
dbGap Study Configuration Template Posted 9/10/15
 Basic Study Information Sheet Posted 9/10/15
 CCR Genomic Data Sharing Plan Form Posted 9/10/15
 CCR Genomic Data Sharing Exception Form Posted 9/22/15
 Single Site Institutional Certification Memo Posted 9/22/15