CCR Forms


Review/Revision/Posting Date

Regulatory Binder Forms 
 Delegation of Authority Signature Log  10/1/2011
 Protocol Review Log 3/4/2014
 Screening and Enrollment Log  10/1/2005
 Site Visit Log  10/1/2005
 Telephone Log  10/1/2005
Misc. Report Forms 
  Safety Monitoring Committee (SMC) Report Template   March 2014
Site Visit Forms 
 Site Initiation Visit Confirmation Letter Template  10/1/2005
 Site Initiation Visit Follow-up Letter Template  10/1/2005
 Site Initiation Visit Sample Agenda  10/1/2005
 Site Initiation Visit Report Template  10/1/2005
 Regulatory Documentation Checklist  10/1/2005
 Site Monitoring Visit Confirmation Letter Template  10/1/2005
 Site Monitoring Visit Follow-up Letter Template  10/1/2005
 Monitoring Visit Report Template  10/1/2005
 Case Report Form Tracking Log  10/1/2005
 Data Correction Form  10/1/2005
 MI CRF Tracking Log  10/1/2005
 Deviation Log  10/1/2005
 Study Close-out Visit Report Template  10/1/2005
 Study Close-out Visit Confirmation Letter Template  10/1/2005
 Study Close-out Visit Checklist  10/1/2005
 Study Close-out Visit Follow-up Letter Template  10/1/2005
Drug Accountability 
 CCR Investigational Drug Return Form  4/11/2011
 CCR Patient Self-Administered Study Agent Compliance Log  4/11/2011
 CCR Patient Self-Administered Study Agent Interim Compliance Form  4/11/2011

CCR Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Template


PHS Conversion Request Memo


Pay Comparison Memo


Records Management Forms 
SF-135 Record Transmittal and Receipt  Posted 8/21/15
NCI Box Content Listing  Posted 8/21/15
 Data Sharing Forms 
dbGap Study Configuration Template  Posted 9/10/15
 Basic Study Information Sheet  Posted 9/10/15
 CCR Genomic Data Sharing Plan Form  Posted 9/10/15
 CCR Genomic Data Sharing Exception Form  Posted 9/22/15
 Single Site Institutional Certification Memo  Posted 9/22/15