NCI users are required to take one of the training sessions described in the next section. Staff may participate remotely or may come to Building 82 (Bloch building which is located just outside the Bethesda campus at the intersection of 9030 Old Georgetown Road and Cedar Lane - Map).

To register, use the form in the next section.
Also, please contact Susan McMullen ( ) about additional requirements.

When the NCI/CCR is the coordinating center and C3D is being used, each participating site will receive C3D training.

Training Session will be conducted via phone/computer over the internet. Teleconference number and web link will be send two days prior to the training.

*The NCI/CCR Study Coordinator (usually the Research Nurse) must submit the request for training using the instructions and e-mail below. Registration requests made directly by the participating site will not be accepted.*

*Registration is required.* Fill out the form below to submit the registration request.
If you have any questions, please e-mail Armand Marquardt: [|;]

*Sessions (* {color:#ff0000}{*}Eastern time{*}{color} *):*


There are two training sessions on the same day. *They are not interchangeable.* Select the appropriate one based on the Protocol's NIH Clinical Center Number. Contact the NCI's Study Coordinator if you don't know the number.

* 2:00 PM -- 3:30 PM - For all other protocol numbers.
* 3:30 PM -- 5:00 PM - For protocol numbers starting with 12_C\_ , or if a Clinical Center Number has not yet been assigned.
* -Wed, Jan 25-
* -Wed, Feb 22-
* -Wed, Mar 21-
* -Wed, Apr 25-
* -Wed, May 23-
* -Wed, Jun 19-
* -Wed, Jul 25-
* Wed, Aug 22
* {color:#ff0000}{*}Tue{*}{color}, Sep 25
* Wed, Oct 24
* Wed, Nov 21
* Wed, Dec 19

*Use the form below to register for one of the C3D Web Training Sessions*