List of Judges and moderators 2012.xlsx

Instructions for Scoring Abstracts.doc

Instructions for Judges (Oral and Poster) 2012.doc

Instructions for moderators 2012.doc

Certificate proof 2012.pdf


Judging and Moderating at the Colloquium

Final Version of Judges and Moderators Moderators and judges.xls

Guidelines for Moderators of Oral Sessions Instructions for moderators.doc

Guidelines for Judges of Oral session Instructions for Judges 2011.doc

Outstanding poster award 2011.pdf

Outstanding postdoc award 2011.pdf

Outstanding post graduate trainee award 2011.pdf

Outstanding oral award 2011.pdf

There will be a brief meeting of the steering committee at 12 noon on Wednesday 23rd in Williamsburg, just before the Colloquium in which the judging packets will be distributed.



Poster Award Certificate

Oral Award Certificate

Abstract judging

Judges list

XL sheet of selected abstracts- Tab 1 is oral presenations - Tab 2 is posters to be judged.

Letter for selected oral presentation(just have to change the section in each letter)

Categories for Abstract submission and for Post/Oral Sessions:Abstract Categories