2008 Project Z Numbers


Z  Number              

Project Title

Acharya, Jairaj

Z01 BC 010331

Phospholipid and Sphingolipid Signaling in Drosophila

Adhya, Sankar

Z01 BC 010017

Using Bacteriophages to Prevent, Diagnose, and Treat Diseases

Adhya, Sankar

Z01 BC 008751

Regulation of Gene Transcription

Akagi, Keiko

Z01 BC 010926

Bioinformatics Analysis of Mouse Cancer Model

Aladjem, Mirit

Z01 BC 010411

Initiation of DNA Replication in Mammalian Cells

Aladjem, Mirit

Z01 BC 010562

Molecular Interaction Maps and Analysis of Bioregulatory Networks

Ambs, Stefan

Z01 BC 010499

Maryland Prostate Cancer Case-Control Study

Ambs, Stefan

Z01 BC 010660

The Molecular Profile of Prostate Tumors in Smokers

Ambs, Stefan

Z01 BC 010624

The Molecular Profile of Prostate Tumors in African-American Men

Ambs, Stefan

Z01 BC 010886

Non-coding RNAs as Prognostic and Diagnostic Markers in Prostate Cancer

Ambs, Stefan

Z01 BC 010887

Novel Markers for Disease Outcome in Breast Cancer

Ambudkar, Suresh

Z01 BC 010030

Biochemical Analysis of Multidrug Resistance-linked Transport Proteins

Anderson, Lucy

Z01 BC 005399

Mechanistic Targeting of Lung Cancer

Anderson, Lucy

Z01 BC 005352

Mechanisms in Perinatal Carcinogenesis

Anderson, Stephen

Z01 BC 010013

Molecular Studies of Cellular Cytotoxicity

Annunziata, Christina

Z01 BC 011054

Nuclear Factor-kappaB in Ovarian Cancer

Aplan, Peter

Z01 SC 010378

Activation of Proto-Oncogenes by Chromosomal Translocation

Aplan, Peter

Z01 SC 010379

Mechanisms of Chromosomal Translocation

Aplan, Peter

Z01 BC 010982

Collaborative Pathways that Lead to Leukemia

Aplan, Peter

Z01 BC 010983

Pre-clinical Studies of Therapy for Myelodysplastic Syndrome

Appella, Ettore

Z01 BC 005599

Tumor Suppressor Protein, p53

Appella, Ettore

Z01 BC 009101

Design of Antiviral Drugs Effective Against the HIV-1 Virus

Appella, Ettore

Z01 BC 003229

T-Cell Antigen Recognition and Tumor Antigens

Arlen, Philip

Z01 BC 010662

Clinical Trials Involving Vaccine and Standard of Care Cancer Therapies

Arthur, Diane

Z01 BC 010692

Significance of Marrow Karyotypes in Inherited Bone Marrow Failure Syndromes

Arthur, Diane

Z01 BC 010694

Clinical Cancer Cytogenetics

Arthur, Diane

Z01 SC 010282

Cytogenetic Studies of B-cell Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (B-CLL)

Ashwell, Jonathan

Z01 BC 010774

T Cell Alternative p38 Activation Pathway

Ashwell, Jonathan

Z01 BC 010779

Regulation and Consequences of Ubiquitination

Ashwell, Jonathan

Z01 BC 010932

T Cell Memory

Austin, Stuart

Z01 BC 010333

The Segregation of Bacterial Chromosomes to Daughter Cells

Austin, Stuart

Z01 BC 010558

The Maintenance of Plasmids in Pathogenic Organisms

Avital, Itzhak

Z01 BC 010997

Purification of a Novel Antibody Against Solid Organ Cancer Stem Cells

Avital, Itzhak

Z01 BC 011003

Asymmetric Division and Self Renewal of Cancer Stem Cells

Avital, Itzhak

Z01 BC 011004

Bone Marrow Stem Cells Participation in Solid Organ Cancers Carcinogenesis

Avital, Itzhak

Z01 BC 011005

Isolation and Purification of Cancer Stem Cells Based on Functional Appraoch

Bai, Yawen

Z01 BC 010808

Nucleosome Dynamics

Bai, Yawen

Z01 BC 010276

Protein Folding Mechanism

Balis, Frank

Z01 BC 011080

Clinical Pharmacology of Anticancer Drugs

Balis, Frank

Z01 SC 006880

Anticancer Drug Development for Childhood Cancers

Balis, Frank

Z01 SC 010090

Fluorescent Pteridine Nucleoside Analogs

Barchi, Joseph

Z01 BC 010451

Carbohydrate Antigen-bearing Nanoparticles for Anti-adhesives and Tumor Vaccines

Barchi, Joseph

Z01 BC 010739

Structural Studies of Drug Agents by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy

Barr, Valarie

Z01 BC 010978

Confocal Core for the Laboratory of Cellular and Molecular Biology

Basrai, Munira

Z01 BC 010822

Molecular Determinants of Chromosome Transmission and Cell Cycle Regulation

Basrai, Munira

Z01 BC 010831

Characterization of Small Open Reading Frames (sORFs) that Encode for Proteins

Bates, Susan

Z01 BC 010620

Clinical Studies of Multidrug Resistance Reversal

Bates, Susan

Z01 BC 010621

Translational Studies of the Histone Deacetylase Inhibitor Romidepsin

Bates, Susan

Z01 BC 010622

Investigation of the ABC Half-Transporter ABCG2

Berzofsky, Jay

Z01 SC 004020

Antigen-specific T-cell Activation, Application to Vaccines for Cancer and AIDS

Birrer, Michael

Z01 SC 000181

The Molecular Genetics of Gynecologic Cancers

Birrer, Michael

Z01 SC 000165

The Use of Transcriptional Factors as Targets and Agents in Carcinogenesis

Bishop, Michael

Z01 BC 010698

Developing Immunoablative Regimens for the Engraftment of Allogeneic HSCT

Bishop, Michael

Z01 SC 010365

Optimizing the Graft-Versus-Tumor Effect in Allogeneic HSCT

Blumberg, Peter

Z01 BC 005270

Molecular Mechanism of Action of Phorbol Ester

Blumenthal, Robert

Z01 BC 008303

Regulation of Membrane Fusion by Viral and Cellular Proteins and Lipids

Blumenthal, Robert

Z01 BC 010652

Lipid-based Nanocapsules and Nano Fusion Machines

Bonner, William

Z01 BC 006140

Studies of Histone Functions in Chromatin; H2AX and DNA DSBs

Bosselut, Remy

Z01 BC 010671

Genetic Analysis of T-cell Differentiation

Bottaro, Donald

Z01 BC 011123

Development of Grb2 SH2 Domain Antagonists as Anti-Cancer Therapeutics

Bottaro, Donald

Z01 BC 011124

Oncogenic Met Signaling in Urologic Malignancies

Bottaro, Donald

Z01 BC 011095

Identification of HIF-Regulated Oncogenic Mediators in Renal Cell Carcinoma

Brady, John

Z01 BC 005691

Inhibition of p53 Tumor Suppressor Function by HTLV-I

Brady, John

Z01 BC 005753

HIV Tat Transcriptional Activation

Brady, John

Z01 BC 005254

Regulation of HTLV-I Transcription

Brechbiel, Martin

Z01 SC 010051

Metal Chelate Conjugated Dendrimer Constructs for Diagnosis and Therapy

Brechbiel, Martin

Z01 SC 006353

Metal Chelate Conjugated Monoclonal Antibodies for Tumor Diagnosis and Therapy

Buck, Chris

Z01 BC 011090

Merkel Cell Carcinoma Polyomavirus

Buck, Chris

Z01 BC 010907

Papillomavirus Infectious Entry

Buetow, Kenneth

Z01 BC 011059

Biologic Pathway Analysis

Buetow, Kenneth

Z01 CP 010175

Molecular Targets - Colon Cancer

Buetow, Kenneth

Z01 BC 010470

Bioinformatic Tools in Cancer Research

Buetow, Kenneth

Z01 CP 010141

The Cancer Genome Anatomy Project's Genetic Annotation Initiative

Buetow, Kenneth

Z01 CP 010140

Molecular Genetic Epidemiology of Leading U.S. Cancers

Buetow, Kenneth

Z01 CP 010139

Molecular Genetic Epidemiology of Primary Hepatocellular Carcinoma

Burke, Terrence

Z01 BC 006198

Inhibitors of Tyrosine Kinase-Dependent Signalling as Anti-Cancer Agents

Burke, Terrence

Z01 BC 007363

Design and Synthesis of HIV Integrase as Potential Anti-AIDS Drugs

Bustin, Michael

Z01 BC 004496

Chromosomal Proteins and Chromosomal Functions

Byrd, R. Andrew

Z01 BC 011127

Structural Biology of the Antitermination Process Regulating Transcription

Byrd, R. Andrew

Z01 BC 011129

Structural Biology of an Antiviral Entry Inhibitor

Byrd, R. Andrew

Z01 BC 011130

Investigation of the Hepatocyte Growth Factor/Met Pathway

Byrd, R. Andrew

Z01 BC 011131

Investigation of Protein-Protein Interactions in the ERAD Ubiquitylation Pathway

Byrd, R. Andrew

Z01 BC 011132

Methods Development

Byrd, R. Andrew

Z01 BC 010346

Structural Biology of Proteins Involved in Signal Transduction and Regulation of Gene Expression

Callahan, Robert

Z01 BC 005148

Mammary Tumorigenesis in Inbred and Feral Mice

Callahan, Robert

Z01 BC 011066

Genetic Pathways Altered by MMTV in Mouse Mammary Tumors

Camphausen, Kevin

Z01 SC 010372

Molecular Profiling of Patients Undergoing Radiotherapy

Camphausen, Kevin

Z01 SC 010373

The Synergy Between Radiotherapy and Molecularly Targeted Agents

Camphausen, Kevin

Z01 BC 010990

Radiation Oncology Branch - Radiation Clinic

Camphausen, Kevin

Z01 BC 010991

Radiation Oncology Branch - Microarray Facility

Cao, Liang

Z01 BC 010981

Design, Develop, Validate, and Implement Biomarkers for Clinical Investigations

Cao, Liang

Z01 BC 011048

Predictive Biomarkers and Mechanism of Action for Anti-IGF1R Agents for Cancer

Capala, Jacek

Z01 BC 010658

Combination of Radiation with Multi-Target Molecular Therapy for Cancer

Capala, Jacek

Z01 BC 010727

Molecular Imaging and Targeted Therapy of HER2-Positive Breast Cancers

Capala, Jacek

Z01 BC 010811

Combination of TNF-Gold Nanoparticles with Radiation

Caplen, Natasha

Z01 BC 010612

The Role of miRNA-mediated RNAI in the Biology of Cancer

Caplen, Natasha

Z01 BC 010613

The Induction of Gene-specific RNAi Against Cancer-associated Genes

Caplen, Natasha

Z01 BC 010615

RNAi Screening for the Systematic Discovery of Cancer Gene Function

Caplen, Natasha

Z01 BC 010939

RNAi Analysis and Screening for Study of Genes and Anti-Cancer Treatments

Carrington, Mary

Z01 BC 010791

Effects of genetic polymorphism in MHC, KIR, and related loci on human disease

Carrington, Mary

Z01 BC 010792

Molecular genetics and population studies of the KIR and HLA gene complexes

Chattoraj, Dhruba

Z01 BC 010277

Mechanisms of Chromosome Maintenance in Bacteria

Chavakis, Triantafyllos

Z01 BC 010663

The Role of JAM-C in Adhesive Interactions of Immune Cells

Chavakis, Triantafyllos

Z01 BC 010664

Crosstalk Between Inflammation and Angiogenesis

Chavakis, Triantafyllos

Z01 BC 010790

Regulation of Leukocyte Integrins in Inflammatory Cell Recruitment

Cheng, Sheue-yann

Z01 BC 008752

Thyroid Hormone Receptors in Health and Disease

Cherukuri, Murali

Z01 BC 010476

Time Domian Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Imaging

Cherukuri, Murali

Z01 BC 010477

Overhauser Enhanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging (OMRI)

Cherukuri, Murali

Z01 BC 010478

Continuous Wave Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Imaging

Choyke, Peter

Z01 BC 010654

Lymphatic Imaging

Choyke, Peter

Z01 BC 010655

Prostate Cancer Imaging

Choyke, Peter

Z01 BC 010656

Growth Factor Imaging

Choyke, Peter

Z01 BC 010657

Intracellular In vivo Imaging

Choyke, Peter

Z01 BC 010668

Instrumentation for microSPECT and microPET imaging

Choyke, Peter

Z01 BC 010714

Angiogenesis imaging

Citrin, Deborah

Z01 BC 010849

Evaluation of Novel Radiation Modifiers

Citrin, Deborah

Z01 BC 010850

Mechanisms of Normal Tissue Toxicity

Colburn, Nancy

Z01 BC 010026

The Role of Pdcd4 in Translation, Tumorigenesis and Tumor Progression

Colburn, Nancy

Z01 BC 010025

The Role of AP-1 and Other Transcription Factors in Cancer Cause and Prevention

Coleman, C. Norman

Z01 BC 010670

Molecular-Targeted Radiation Therapy

Coppola, Vincenzo

Z01 BC 010904

Generation of Targeted Mutation in Mice

Court, Donald

Z01 BC 010336

Lambda Genetic Networks and Lambda Red-Mediated Recombination

Custer, Mary

Z01 BC 010856

Basic and Preclinical Animal Models in support of Cancer and HIV/AIDS Research

Cuttitta, Frank

Z01 BC 010964

Trans-NIH Angiogenesis Core Facility

Daar, Ira

Z01 BC 010006

Mechanisms of Cross-talk Between EphrinB and Alternate Signaling Pathways

Daar, Ira

Z01 BC 010958

Signaling Mechanisms of EphrinB1 in Cell Adhesion, Migration and Invasion

Dahut, William

Z01 SC 010098

The Evaluation of Novel Therapeutics for Genitourinary Malignancies

Danforth, David

Z01 SC 006663

Molecular Characterization of Breast Duct Epithelium at Risk for Breast Cancer

Dauter, Zbigniew

Z01 BC 010378

Macromolecular Crystallography Research with Synchrotron Radiation

Dean, Michael

Z01 BC 005725

ABC Transporters in Human Disease and Multidrug Resistance

Dean, Michael

Z01 BC 005652

Identification of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms in Cancer-Related Genes

Dennis, Phillip

Z01 BC 010450

Development of Akt Inhibitors

Dennis, Phillip

Z01 BC 010748

Clinical Investigation of Signal Transduction Inhibitors

Dennis, Phillip

Z01 SC 010292

Signal Transduction Pathways that Promote Survival of Lung Cancer Cells

Derse, David

Z01 BC 010807

Mechanisms of Cell-to-Cell Infection with HTLV-1 and HIV-1

Derse, David

Z01 BC 010003

Molecular Mechanisms of HTLV-1 Infection and Replication


Z01 BC 005643

Mechanism and Regulation of mRNA Export

Dimitrov, Dimiter

Z01 BC 010701

Human Monoclonal Antibodies and Antibody-Guided Nanoparticles

Doroshow, James

Z01 BC 010677

NADPH Oxidase 1: A Novel Target for Colon Cancer Therapy

Doroshow, James

Z01 BC 011076

Roles of NADPH Oxidase 5 and Dual Oxidase 2 in Cancer

Doroshow, James

Z01 BC 011078

Phase 0/1 Clinical Trials

DuBois, Wendy

Z01 BC 011047

Animal Model and Genotyping Core Support Facility

Dudley, Mark

Z01 BC 011020

Cell Production Facility Core

Durell, Stewart

Z01 BC 011071

Molecular Modeling of Ion Channel and Other Membrane Proteins

Durell, Stewart

Z01 BC 011077

Modeling Molecular of Interactions Regulating the Activity of the p53 Protein

Durell, Stewart

Z01 BC 011075

Molecular Modeling of the Human P-glycoprotein Transporter Protein

Durum, Scott

Z01 BC 009287

Cytokines and T Cell Development

Edelman, Daniel

Z01 BC 011040

Molecular Profiling of Clinical Specimens

Edelman, Daniel

Z01 BC 011041

Technical Development of Molecular Profiling Technologies

Emmert-Buck, Michael

Z01 SC 010437

Molecular Pathology of Cancer

Emmert-Buck, Michael

Z01 BC 010729

Technology Development

Emmert-Buck, Michael

Z01 BC 011068

Laser Capture Microdissection Core Laboratory

Farrar, William

Z01 BC 010253

Molecular Mechanisms of Growth Factor Modulated Proliferation

Farrar, William

Z01 BC 010794

Characterization of Cancer Stem Cells

Felber, Barbara

Z01 BC 010334

Posttranscriptional control of gene expression

Felber, Barbara

Z01 BC 010350

Prevention of AIDS

Feldman, Steven

Z01 BC 010989

Clinical production of viral vectors for cancer gene therapy

Figg, William

Z01 SC 006536

Sample Processing and Analytical Methods Development for New Anticancer Agents

Figg, William

Z01 SC 006537

Using Clinical Pharmacology Principles to Develop New Anticancer Therapies

Figg, William

Z01 SC 006538

Development of Angiogenesis Inhibitors

Figg, William

Z01 BC 010453

Identify SNPs and Polymorphisms Involved in the Development of Prostate Cancer

Figg, William

Z01 BC 010547

Development of Drugs That Target Prostate Cancer

Figg, William

Z01 BC 010548

Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic Modeling of Anticancer Agents

Figg, William

Z01 BC 010627

Clinical Pharmacogenetics

Filie, Armando

Z01 BC 011052

Cytopathology Core

Fine, Howard

Z01 SC 010100

The Glioma Molecular Diagnostic Initiative: Characterizing Brain Tumor Data

Fine, Howard

Z01 BC 010839

Exploring the Therapeutic Potential of Stem Cell Biology in Gliomas

Fine, Howard

Z01 BC 010840

Elucidation and Exploitation of GSK3 as a Novel Glioma Therapeutic Target

Fine, Howard

Z01 BC 011086

Brain Tumor Animal Therapeutics Core

Fine, Howard

Z01 BC 011098

Brain Tumor Clinical and Clinical Research Program

Fine, Howard

Z01 BC 011099

Canine Glioma and Embryonic Neural Stem Cell Project

Fine, Howard

Z01 BC 011100

SCF as a Novel CNS and Glioma-Derived Angiogenic Factor and SC Chemotaxic Factor

Fine, Howard

Z01 BC 011101

Identifying New Glioma-Associated Tumor Suppressors and Oncogenes

Fine, Howard

Z01 BC 011102

The Role of miRNAs in Glioma Stem Cell and Glioma Biology

FitzGerald, David

Z01 BC 008757

Bio-Therapies for the Treatment of Cancer and Infectious Disease

Fojo, Antonio

Z01 BC 010625

Microtubule (MT) Interfering Agents (MTAs): Mechanisms of Action and Resistance

Fojo, Antonio

Z01 BC 010626

Adrenocortical Cancer and Thyroid Carcinomas: Models with Unique Properties

Fojo, Antonio

Z01 BC 010843

Medical Oncology Fellowship Program

Fojo, Antonio

Z01 SC 006732

Multidrug resistance Mediated by P-glycoprotein

Fortini, Mark

Z01 BC 010912

Novel role of an aquaporin in endosome biogenesis and Notch signaling

Fortini, Mark

Z01 BC 010913

Identification and characterization of new mutants affecting Notch trafficking

Fowler, Daniel

Z01 SC 010288

Th1/Th2 and Tc1/Tc2 T Cell Subsets in Transplantation Therapy

Franchini, Genoveffa

Z01 BC 005688

Understanding the Role of the Host Response in HIV/SIV Infection

Franchini, Genoveffa

Z01 BC 005645

T-cell Transformation by Oncoviruses

Franchini, Genoveffa

Z01 BC 011125

Inhibition of Type 1 Interferon During SIV Infection

Franchini, Genoveffa

Z01 BC 011126

Preventive Vaccines for HIV

Freed, Eric

Z01 BC 010775

Retroviral Gag Trafficking, Env Incorporation, and Virus Assembly

Freed, Eric

Z01 BC 010776

Retrovirus Budding and Endosomal Sorting

Freed, Eric

Z01 BC 010777

Lipid Microdomains and HIV-1 Replication

Freed, Eric

Z01 BC 010778

Inhibition of HIV-1 Maturation

Gamero, Ana

Z01 BC 010828

STAT2 Role in Inflammation and Cancer

Gamero, Ana

Z01 BC 010737

IFN-Lambda Signal Transduction

Gamero, Ana

Z01 BC 010474

Signal Transduction Mechanisms of Type I IFNs

Gardner, Kevin

Z01 BC 010846

Mechanisms of Transcriptional Control by p300

Gardner, Kevin

Z01 BC 010847

Gene-specific Mechanisms of BRCA1 transcriptional Control

Garfield, Susan

Z01 BC 010858

CCR Confocal Microscopy Core

Garfinkel, David

Z01 BC 010340

Ty Element Retrotransposition in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Giaccone, Giuseppe

Z01 BC 010949

GI Tumor Program

Giaccone, Giuseppe

Z01 BC 010950

Research Nursing

Giaccone, Giuseppe

Z01 BC 010951

Medical Director's Office

Giaccone, Giuseppe

Z01 BC 011051

Lung Cancer Stem Cell Core

Giaccone, Giuseppe

Z01 BC 010854

Lung Cancer Program

Gildersleeve, Jeffrey

Z01 BC 010675

Development of a Carbohydrate Microarray

Gildersleeve, Jeffrey

Z01 BC 010740

Carbohydrate Microarray Profiling of Glycan-Binding Antibodies and Lectins

Gildersleeve, Jeffrey

Z01 BC 011055

Serum Antibody Profiling with a Carbohydrate Microarray

Gius, David

Z01 BC 010543

HSP90 as a Molecular Target for Ionizing Radiation

Gius, David

Z01 BC 010544

Epigenetic Regulation of Gene Expression and Resistance in Tumor Cells

Goldstein, David

Z01 BC 010857

Science and Technology Partnerships

Gonzalez, Frank

Z01 BC 005708

Xenobiotic Receptors

Gonzalez, Frank

Z01 BC 005561

Liver-Enriched Transcription Factors

Gonzalez, Frank

Z01 BC 005562

Xenobiotic-Metabolizing Enzymes

Gottesman, Michael

Z01 BC 005598

Genetic Analysis of the Multidrug Resistance Phenotype in Tumor Cells

Gottesman, Michael

Z01 BC 010830

Mechanisms of non-classical multidrug resistance in cancer

Gottesman, Susan

Z01 BC 008714

Bacterial Functions Involved in Cell Growth Control

Green, Jeffrey

Z01 BC 005740

Transgenic Models for Prostate and Breast Cancer

Greiner, Jack

Z01 BC 010967

The role of exercise in vaccine-mediated immunity

Greiner, Jack

Z01 BC 010969

The use of chitosan for cancer vaccine delivery

Greiner, Jack

Z01 BC 010970

The connection of innate and adaptive anti-cancer immunity

Gress, Ronald

Z01 BC 010525

Immune Reconstitution

Gress, Ronald

Z01 BC 010963

Branch Clinical Research Core

Gress, Ronald

Z01 BC 010957

Transplant Models

Gress, Ronald

Z01 BC 010960

Clinical Trials

Grewal, Shiv

Z01 BC 010523

RNAi and Epigenetic Control of Higher-Order Chromatin Assembly

Gulley, James

Z01 BC 010666

Cancer Therapy Clinical Trials Using Novel Recombinant Vaccines

Gulley, James

Z01 BC 010945

Clinical trials employing cancer vaccine combination therapies

Guy, H. Robert

Z01 BC 010721

Modeling of the structure and functional mechanisms of voltage-gated channels

Guy, H. Robert

Z01 BC 010722

Modeling of amyloid peptides and proteins

Guy, H. Robert

Z01 BC 011060

Developing Improved Methods for Modeling and Simulating Protein Structures

Hager, Gordon

Z01 BC 010646

Chromatin Remodeling Proteins

Hager, Gordon

Z01 BC 010308

In vivo Imaging Analysis of Steroid/Nuclear Receptor Function

Hager, Gordon

Z01 BC 010027

Function of Steroid Receptors in Subcellular Compartments

Hager, Gordon

Z01 BC 005450

Chromatin Structure and Gene Expression

Hakim, Frances

Z01 BC 011029

Tumor-Infiltrating Donor Derived Lymphocyte Therapy After Allogeneic Transplant

Hakim, Frances

Z01 BC 010934

Immune reconstitution following autologous and allogeneic stem cell transplant

Hamer, Dean

Z01 BC 010530

Molecular Therapeutics for HIV/AIDS

Harris, Curtis

Z01 BC 005480

Molecular Epidemiology of Human Lung Cancer

Harris, Curtis

Z01 BC 010033

Inflammation and Cancer

Harris, Curtis

Z01 BC 005795

p53 Tumor Suppressor Pathway

Harris, Curtis

Z01 BC 010878

Human Colon Cancer

Harris, Curtis

Z01 BC 010874

Biomarkers of Human Lung Cancer

Harris, Curtis

Z01 BC 010875

Inhibitor of Normal Growth (ING)

Hartman, Kathleen

Z01 BC 010859

CCR DNA Sequencing MiniCore

Hassan, Raffit

Z01 BC 010816

Immunotherapy for Malignant Mesothelioma

Hatfield, Dolph

Z01 BC 005317

Role of Selenium in Cancer and Health

Hatfield, Dolph

Z01 BC 010767

Biosynthesis of Selenocysteine and Its Incorporation into Protein

Hatfield, Dolph

Z01 BC 010889

Role of Selenium-containing Proteins in Cancer and Development

Hearing, Vincent

Z01 BC 010784

Biochemistry of Melanins and Photoprotection of the Skin

Hearing, Vincent

Z01 BC 010785

Characterization of Pigmentary Disorders and Melanoma Targeting

Hearing, Vincent

Z01 BC 010786

The Regulation of Mammalian Pigmentation

Helman, Lee

Z01 SC 006892

Molecular Biology of Pediatric Tumors

Helman, Lee

Z01 SC 006891

Solid Tumors

Hewitt, Stephen

Z01 BC 010923

Tissue Array Research Program

Hickstein, Dennis

Z01 BC 010549

Zebrafish Models of Cancer

Hickstein, Dennis

Z01 SC 010384

Hematopoietic Stem Cell Gene Therapy for Leukocyte Adhesion Deficiency

Hickstein, Dennis

Z01 BC 010870

Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant for Immunodeficiency with MDS

Ho, Mitchell

Z01 BC 010891

Antibody Therapy of Cancer

Hodes, Richard

Z01 BC 009281

Receptor Mediated T and B Cell Activation

Hodes, Richard

Z01 BC 009265

Analysis of the T Cell Repertoire

Hodes, Richard

Z01 BC 009405

Regulation of Lymphocyte Proliferation and Replicative Capacity

Hodge, James

Z01 BC 010661

Vaccine and Drug Combination Therapy for Human Cancers

Hodge, James

Z01 BC 010974

The development of Saccharomyces (yeast) vaccines for cancer therapy

Hodge, James

Z01 BC 010975

Vaccine and radiation for the therapy of human cancers

Hornyak, Thomas

Z01 BC 010565

Determinants of Melanocyte Transformation and Melanoma Progression

Hornyak, Thomas

Z01 BC 010479

Regulation of Melanocyte Development and Differentiation

Hornyak, Thomas

Z01 BC 010733

Dermatoscopy in the Evaluation of Pigmented Lesions

Hornyak, Thomas

Z01 BC 010734

Cutaneous Lesions in Neurofibromatosis Type I and Other Pre-cancerous Syndromes

Hornyak, Thomas

Z01 BC 010720

Isolation, Characterization, and Behavior of Melanocyte Stem Cells

Hou, Steven

Z01 BC 010738

Molecular Genetic Study of Stem Cells, Cancer Stem Cells, and Stem Cell Aging

Hu, Wei-Shau

Z01 BC 010504

HIV Recombination, Double Infection, and Replication Fitness

Hu, Wei-Shau

Z01 BC 010506

Assembly and Complementation of Viral Proteins during Retroviral Replication

Hu, Wei-Shau

Z01 BC 010814

Understanding the Pseudodiploidy of the Retroviral Genome

Hughes, Stephen

Z01 BC 010481

Structure and Function of HIV-1 Reverse Transcriptase

Hughes, Stephen

Z01 BC 010482

Retroviral Replication and Vector Design

Hughes, Marybeth

Z01 BC 011012

Study of Hepatic Arterial Infusion of Melphalan for Malignancy in the liver

Hunter, Kent

Z01 CP 010146

Genetic Modifiers of Intitiation and Progression of Mammary Cancer

Hurwitz, Arthur

Z01 BC 010954

Tumor Growth and Microenvironment Influence T Cell Tolerance to Tumor Antigens

Hurwitz, Arthur

Z01 BC 010955

The Role of T Cell Avidity in Determining Tumor Immunity and Autoimmunity

Hwang, Sam

Z01 SC 010277

Chemokines in Skin Immune Cell Trafficking & Cancer Progression

Hwang, Sam

Z01 BC 010924

Pathogenesis of cutaneous T cell lymphoma

Jaffe, Elaine

Z01 BC 011070

Hematopathology diagnosis and education

Jaffe, Elaine

Z01 SC 000550

Lymphoma Disease Discovery and Defintion

Jaffe, Elaine

Z01 BC 010684

Anatomic Pathology Residency Program

Janik, John

Z01 BC 010630

Cancer Vaccines and Modulation of Checkpoint Controls in Immunization

Janik, John

Z01 BC 010603

Receptor-directed Therapy

Jen, Jin

Z01 CP 010162

Gene Expression Profiles in Lung Cancer Using cDNA Arrays

Jen, Jin

Z01 CP 010163

Genetic Analysis in Early Age of Onset Lung Cancer Patients

Jen, Jin

Z01 CP 010164

A Non-small Cell Lung Cancer Tissue Microarray to Analyze Protein Expression

Jen, Jin

Z01 CP 010165

Mechanisms of Gene Expression Changes in Lung Cancer

Ji, Xinhua

Z01 BC 010326

Biomolecular Structure and Mechanism, Structure-Based Drug Design

Jin, Ding

Z01 BC 010632

Transcription Regulation in E. coli and H. pylori

Johnson, Peter

Z01 BC 010328

Role of C/EBP transcription factors in regulating cell growth and tumorigenesis

Kalab, Petr

Z01 BC 011084

Cellular functions of Ran GTPase

Kalab, Petr

Z01 BC 010872

High troughput screen for small molecule inhibitors of Ran regulated functions

Kammula, Udai

Z01 BC 010649

Immunotherapy Strategies for Gastrointestinal and Hepatocellular Cancer

Kammula, Udai

Z01 BC 010766

High Throughput Isolation of Antigen Specific T-cells for Cancer Therapy

Kashlev, Mikhail

Z01 BC 010337

Identifying Protein Factors and Pathways Leading to the Active Chromatin State

Kashlev, Mikhail

Z01 BC 010795

Mechanisms of transcription fidelity in prokaryotes and eukaryotes

Kashlev, Mikhail

Z01 BC 010758

Monitoring of Basic Biochemical Processes at Single Molecule Level Using Light-e

Katz, Stephen

Z01 SC 003657

Immunopathologic Mechanisms Involved in Inflammatory Skin Diseases

Kaye, Frederic

Z01 SC 007256

Mechanisms of Oncogene Action in Tumorigenesis

Keefer, Larry

Z01 BC 005673

Using Diazeniumdiolate Chemistry to Design Nitric Oxide-Based Therapies

Keller, Jonathan

Z01 BC 010001

Molecular/Cellular Regulation of Hematopoiesis

Kelley, James

Z01 BC 006178

Applications of New Mass Spectral Techniques

Kelley, James

Z01 BC 006177

The Analytical Chemistry of Anti-AIDS Agents

Kelly, Kathleen

Z01 SC 009389

A Mitogen-induced G Protein-coupled Receptor

Kelly, Kathleen

Z01 BC 010731

In Vivo MRI imaging of single metastatic cells

Kelly, Kathleen

Z01 BC 010802

Tumor stem cells and metastatic outcomes in mouse models of prostate cancer

Kelly, Kathleen

Z01 BC 010607

Ras-mediated signals in human epithelial cell transformation and metastasis

Kelly, Kathleen

Z01 BC 011053

TMPRSS2-ERG chromosomal translocations and prostate cancer

KewalRamani, Vineet

Z01 BC 010485

Mechanism of DC-SIGN-Mediated Transmission of HIV

KewalRamani, Vineet

Z01 BC 010487

The Postentry Pathway of HIV-1

KewalRamani, Vineet

Z01 BC 010488

New Animal Models to Study HIV-1 Pathogenesis, Therapy, and Reservoirs

Khan, Javed

Z01 SC 010366

Identification of Genes for Predicting Prognosis in Pediatric Cancers

Khan, Javed

Z01 BC 010591

Characterization of Xenograft Models of Childhood Cancers

Khan, Javed

Z01 BC 010592

Comparative Genomic Hybridization of Neuroblastoma

Khan, Javed

Z01 BC 010593

Gene Expression Profiling of Normal Tissues

Khan, Javed

Z01 BC 010594

Molecular Mechanisms of Drugs

Khan, Javed

Z01 BC 010806

Targeting High-risk Neuroblastoma using high through put siRNA screening

Khan, Javed

Z01 BC 011001

Micro RNA Profiling in Pediatric Cancers

Khan, Javed

Z01 BC 011002


Khan, Javed

Z01 BC 010998

Identification of Novel Mutations In Pediatric Cancers

Khan, Javed

Z01 BC 010999

Characterization of FGFR4 mutations in Rhabdomyosarcoma

Khan, Javed

Z01 BC 011036

NanoBioSensor Initiative

Khanna, Chand

Z01 BC 010566

Tumor and Metastasis Biology

Khanna, Chand

Z01 BC 010569

Comparative Oncology Program

Khanna, Chand

Z01 BC 011024

Tumor and Metastasis Therapy

Khleif, Samir

Z01 BC 010752

Anti-angiogenesis targeted vaccine therapy

Khleif, Samir

Z01 BC 010755

Enhancing immune response strategies:

Khleif, Samir

Z01 BC 010756

Development a combined prophylactic and therapeutic cervical cancer vaccine u

Khleif, Samir

Z01 BC 010757

Clinical trial development in cancer vaccines

Kimura, Shioko

Z01 BC 005522

Thyroid Stem/Progenitor Cells

Kimura, Shioko

Z01 BC 010449

Role of a novel cytokine-like molecule Secretoglobin (SCGB) 3A2 in lung

Klar, Amar

Z01 BC 010381

Studies on Silencing

Klar, Amar

Z01 BC 010385

Studies onmat1Imprinting

Klar, Amar

Z01 BC 010386

Human Handedness Psychosis Etiology Studies

Kleiner, David

Z01 BC 010685

Postmortem Pathology

Kleiner, David

Z01 BC 010686

Clinical Operations for Laboratory of Pathology

Kleiner, David

Z01 BC 010687

Histology Core Laboratory

Klinman, Dennis

Z01 BC 010852

Mechanism of action and therapeutic utility of immunostimulatory CpG oligonucleo

Klinman, Dennis

Z01 BC 010853

Mechanism of action and therapeutic utility of immunosuppressive oligonucleotide

Kohn, Kurt

Z01 BC 006192

Investigating regulatory networks that control cell proliferation and apoptosis

Kohn, Elise

Z01 SC 009374

Signaling Pathways as Molecular Targets in Angiogenesis and Microenvironment

Kohn, Elise

Z01 SC 009163

Signal Transduction Therapy--Basic Science

Kohn, Elise

Z01 SC 009375

Signal Transduction Therapy--Clinical

Kohn, Elise

Z01 BC 011136

The CCR/Walter Reed Army Medical Center (WRAMC) Gynecologic Cancer Program Research Laboratory

Kong, Heidi

Z01 BC 010938

Studies of Skin Microflora in Healthy Individuals and Atopic Dermatitis Patients

Kong, Heidi

Z01 BC 010914

Gene Expression Profiling and Clinical Characterization of Phototoxicity

Kong, Heidi

Z01 BC 010925

Phase I Study of Topical Romidepsin in Early Stage Cutaneous T-cell Lymphoma

Kong, Heidi

Z01 BC 010940

Cutaneous Adverse Drug Reactions

Kraemer, Kenneth

Z01 BC 004517

DNA Repair in Human Cancer-Prone Genetic Diseases

Kreitman, Robert

Z01 BC 010301

Development of Recombinant Toxins to Treat Hematologic Malignancies

Krensky, Alan

Z01 BC 011025

Regulation of RANTES expression in T lymphocytes

Krensky, Alan

Z01 BC 011026

Function of granulysin

Kruhlak, Michael

Z01 BC 010915

EIB Microscopy Core Facility

Kuehl, W. Michael

Z01 SC 006581

Molecular Pathogenesis of Multiple Myeloma

Kuehl, W. Michael

Z01 BC 010910

Genomic Rearrangements in Multiple Myeloma

Kuehn, Michael

Z01 BC 010256

The Nodal Signaling Pathway In Embryonic Development

Kuehn, Michael

Z01 BC 009297

Ubiquitin And SUMO Post-Translational Modifications In Development And Disease

Kwong, King

Z01 BC 011049

Development and evaluation of apoptosis targeted therapies in lung cancer

Kwong, King

Z01 BC 011046

Mechanisms of apoptosis regulation which impede cancer cell death in lung cancer

Larionov, Vladimir

Z01 BC 010413

Study of hereditary prostate cancer and human artificial chromosomes

Le Grice, Stuart

Z01 BC 010769

Protein Evolution by in Vitro Compartmentalization

Le Grice, Stuart

Z01 BC 010493

High-Resolution Protein and Nucleic Acid Footprinting

Le Grice, Stuart

Z01 BC 010494

Viral and Host Proteins as Therapeutic Targets

Le Grice, Stuart

Z01 BC 010495

Nucleoside and Amino Acid Analogs as Probes of HIV Replication Complexes

Lee, Kyung

Z01 BC 010520

Characterization of PBIP1, a novel polo-box-binding protein at the kinetochores

Lee, Kyung

Z01 BC 010680

Characterization of the hCenexin-Plk1 interaction at the centrosomes

Lee, Kyung

Z01 BC 010681

Development of anti-polo-box therapeutic agents

Lee, Byungkook

Z01 BC 011000

Protein Structure

Lee, Byungkook

Z01 BC 011013

Mesothelin Structural Modeling

Lee, Maxwell

Z01 CP 010154

Genetics and Epigenetics of Cancer

Lee, Maxwell

Z01 CP 010155

Informatics Solutions to Biomedical Research

Lee, Maxwell

Z01 BC 010986

Allele-specific gene expression and epigenetic information

Lerman, Michael

Z01 BC 008579

Functional Analysis of Cancer Genes from Human Chromosome 3p

Levens, David

Z01 BC 011042

Global changes in specific histone modifications in cancer

Levens, David

Z01 BC 011011

The genome-wide function of supercoiling and alternative DNA conformations

Levens, David

Z01 SC 009144

Mechanisms of transcription factor integration at the c-myc promoter

Lewandoski, Mark

Z01 BC 010338

The Role of Fgf Signaling in Vertebrate Development

Lewandoski, Mark

Z01 BC 010339

The Role of Rx in the Adult Retina

Lewandoski, Mark

Z01 BC 010518

Role of BMP and FGF signaling during limb development

Libutti, Steven

Z01 SC 010368

Targeting the Tumor Vasculature to Treat Cancer

Lichten, Michael

Z01 BC 005268

Mechanism of Meiotic Recombination

Linehan, W. Marston

Z01 BC 011038

Molecular Therapeutics of Kidney Cancer: VHL Gene and Fumarate Hydratase Gene

Linehan, W. Marston

Z01 BC 011043

Molecular Therapeutics of Kidney Cancer: MET Gene and BHD Gene

Linehan, W. Marston

Z01 BC 011089

Clinical Nursing and Data Management Core

Linehan, W. Marston

Z01 BC 011092

Consult Core

Linehan, W. Marston

Z01 BC 011028

Clinical Studies of the Molecular Genetic Basis of Kidney Cancer

Linnoila, Ilona

Z01 SC 000167

Molecular Pathology of Pulmonary Carcinogenesis

Lipkowitz, Stanley

Z01 BC 010977

Cbl Proteins as Regulators of Tyrosine Kinase Signaling

Lipkowitz, Stanley

Z01 BC 010980

Identification of Molecular Targets in Triple-Negative Breast Cancer

Lipkowitz, Stanley

Z01 SC 007263

TRAIL-induced Cell Death in Breast Cancer Cells

Liu, Zheng-Gang

Z01 SC 010376

Molecular Mechanism of TNF Signaling and Apoptosis

Liu, Zheng-Gang

Z01 BC 010783

The Molecular Mechanism of TNF-induced Necrotic Cell Death

Lowy, Douglas

Z01 BC 008905

Tumor gene expression in vitro and in vivo

Lowy, Douglas

Z01 BC 010579

Papillomavirus Virion Proteins and Vaccines

Lubkowski, Jacek

Z01 BC 010761

Studies of Proteins with Important Roles in Immunology and/or Cancer Biology

Lubkowski, Jacek

Z01 SC 010386

Crystallographic studies of chemokine receptors and their ligands

Mackall, Crystal

Z01 BC 011072

Developing Immune Based Therapies

Mackall, Crystal

Z01 BC 011073

Immunobiology of Pediatric Tumors

Mackall, Crystal

Z01 BC 011074

Clinical Program in Pediatric Sarcomas

Mackall, Crystal

Z01 BC 011069

Biology of T Cell Depletion

Mackem, Susan

Z01 BC 011118

Role of Shh in developmental patterning and proliferation of digit skeleton

Mackem, Susan

Z01 BC 011119

Hoxd gene functions in digit morphogenesis and role of Gli3-Hoxd interaction

Mackem, Susan

Z01 BC 011120

Genome-wide identification of target promoters of developmental regulators

Mackem, Susan

Z01 BC 011121

RNA interference approach to dissect roles of notochord regulators

Maldarelli, Frank

Z01 BC 010818

Replication Dynamics in Patients on Suppressive Antiretroviral Therapy

Maldarelli, Frank

Z01 BC 010819

HIV-1 Genetic Variation in Infected Individuals

Maldarelli, Frank

Z01 BC 010820

Appearance and Disappearance of Drug Resistance Mutations

Maldarelli, Frank

Z01 BC 010821

Role of Specific Drugs and Mutations in Partial Suppression of Viremia

Marquez, Victor

Z01 BC 006173

Dideoxynucleosides as Potential Anti-AIDS Drugs

Marquez, Victor

Z01 BC 006174

Carbocyclic Nucleoside Isosteres as Potential Antitumor and Antiviral Agents

Marquez, Victor

Z01 BC 010962

Cytidine deaminase inhibitors

Marquez, Victor

Z01 BC 010942

Diacylglycerol Lactones as C1 Ligands for Protein Kinase C and Related Proteins

Marquez, Victor

Z01 BC 010943

DNA Methylase Inhibitors

Maurizi, Michael

Z01 BC 005597

Biochemistry of Energy-Dependent (Intracellular) Protein Degradation

McKinnon, Katherine

Z01 BC 010936


McMahon, James

Z01 BC 010469

Molecular Targets Development Program

McNally, James

Z01 BC 010571

Fluorescence Imaging Facility

McNally, James

Z01 BC 010561

Transcription factor mobility

McNally, James

Z01 BC 010564

Large Scale Chromatin Structure

McVicar, Daniel

Z01 BC 010300

Signal Transduction of Paired Inhibitory Receptors of NK Cells and Macrophages

McVicar, Daniel

Z01 BC 010747

Charaterization of the Expression and Ligands of KIR3DS1

Meltzer, Paul

Z01 BC 010759

Functional Genomics of Sarcoma

Meltzer, Paul

Z01 BC 011088

Functional genomics of breast cancer

Meltzer, Paul

Z01 BC 011091

Cancer Genomics Technology Development

Merino, Maria

Z01 BC 010696

Study of Hereditary Renal Syndromes

Merino, Maria

Z01 BC 010762

Molecular Alterations of Primary Breast Cancer and Metastasis

Merino, Maria

Z01 SC 009392

Proteomic Analysis of Renal Tumors

Merino, Maria

Z01 SC 000853

Surgical Pathology

Merlino, Glenn

Z01 BC 010871

Use of Mouse Models of Human Rhabdomyosarcoma to Study Progression to Metastasis

Merlino, Glenn

Z01 BC 008756

Genetically Engineered Mouse Models to Study RTK Function in Melanoma

Miki, Toru

Z01 BC 005548

Biological Functions of the Oncogenes Encoding Rho-Specific Exchange Factors

Miller, Robert

Z01 BC 010516

Gated Optical Detectors/Dose Guided Radiotherapy

Miller, Robert

Z01 SC 006329

Clinical Radiation Physics Service

Miller, Robert

Z01 SC 006330

Radiation Field Modeling and Computerized Treatment Planning

Milne, Jacqueline

Z01 BC 010412

Structural Analysis of Macromolecular Complexes by Electron Microscopy

Milne, Jacqueline

Z01 BC 010827

Structural Studies of Bacterial Architecture Using Electron Tomography

Misteli, Tom

Z01 BC 010309

Nuclear Architecture and Disease

Mitchell, James

Z01 BC 010787

Redox Imaging using Nitroxides and MRI

Mitchell, James

Z01 SC 006321

Modulation of Therapeutic Response

Mitchell, James

Z01 SC 006387

Nitroxides as Protectors Against Oxidative Stress

Mitchell, James

Z01 BC 010946

Protection against Radiation-Induced Carcinogenesis

Mitsuya, Hiroaki

Z01 SC 006738

Development of Antiviral Therapy of HIV-1 Infection

Mitsuya, Hiroaki

Z01 BC 011105

Study of HIV Protease Dimerization (PD) and Identification of PD Inhibitors

Mitsuya, Hiroaki

Z01 BC 011109

Study of Structures of CCR5 and Its Interactions with CCR5 Inhibitors

Mock, Beverly

Z01 BC 010008

The Genetics of Susceptibility to Mouse Plasma Cell Tumors

Mock, Beverly

Z01 BC 011064

A Modifier of Plasmacytoma Susceptibility Maps to Mouse Chr 1

Mock, Beverly

Z01 BC 011065

Preclinical Testing of HDAC and mTOR Inhibitors

Mock, Beverly

Z01 BC 011067

Scientific Program Support for Cancer Research

Morrison, Deborah

Z01 BC 011107

Function and Regulation of Scaffold Proteins in Signal Transduction

Morrison, Deborah

Z01 BC 011083

Protein Chemistry Core

Morrison, Deborah

Z01 BC 010329

Regulation of Ras-Dependent Signal Transduction Pathways

Muegge, Kathrin

Z01 BC 010014

Epigenetic control during embryogenesis

Mushinski, J. Frederic

Z01 BC 010911

Role of Novel MicroRNAs in the PVT-1 Locus

Mushinski, J. Frederic

Z01 BC 010908

Role of MxA in Human Prostate Cancer

Mushinski, J. Frederic

Z01 BC 010909

Use of Mouse Gene Expression Profiles to Predict Human Breast Cancer Prognosis

Mushinski, J. Frederic

Z01 BC 008727

Gene Expression and Signal Transduction in Transformation and Differentiation

Neckers, Leonard

Z01 BC 011032

Post-translational modifications of Hsp90 that impact drug efficacy

Neckers, Leonard

Z01 SC 010074

Role of HSP90 Family Chaperone Proteins in Cellular Signal Transduction

Neckers, Leonard

Z01 BC 010683

Role of FH loss in development of HLRCC heriditary kidney cancer

Nicklaus, Marc

Z01 BC 010832

Fundamentals of Ligand-Protein Interactions

Nicklaus, Marc

Z01 BC 010517

Large Databases of Small Molecules - Drug Development Tool and Public Resource

Nicklaus, Marc

Z01 BC 010524

HIV Integrase Modeling and Computer-Aided Inhibitor Development

Nicklaus, Marc

Z01 BC 010639

In Silico Screening for Cancer Targets

Niederhuber, John

Z01 BC 010929

Tumor Stroma Interactions: Wound Promoted Tumor Growth

Niederhuber, John

Z01 BC 010796

Differentiation of tissue- and devlopment of tumor stem cells

Niederhuber, John

Z01 BC 010797

Mechanisms of Stromal Cell Activation by the Developing Tumor

Niederhuber, John

Z01 BC 010815

Regulation of Hypoxia-Inducible Factors in Pluripotent Cancer Cells.

Niederhuber, John

Z01 BC 010817

Role of normal cervical stem cells in the HPV induced initiation of cervical can

Nussenzweig, Andre

Z01 BC 010283

DNA Repair

Nussenzweig, Andre

Z01 BC 010959

Relationship between DNA damage detection and signaling

Nussenzweig, Andre

Z01 BC 010961

High-throughput screen for activators of DNA strand break repair

Nussinov, Ruth

Z01 BC 010440

Protein Structure, Stability, and Amyloid Formation

Nussinov, Ruth

Z01 BC 010441

Biomolecular Recognition and Binding Mechanisms

Nussinov, Ruth

Z01 BC 010442

Method Development: Efficient Computer Vision Based Algorithms

O'Brien, Stephen

Z01 BC 010537

Comparative Genomics: Mechanism(s) Against Emerging Infectious Diseases

O'Brien, Stephen

Z01 BC 005367

The Genetic Structure of Natural Populations Past and Present

O'Brien, Stephen

Z01 BC 005389

Reproductive Strategies in Animal Species Emphasizing Developmental Biology

O'Brien, Stephen

Z01 BC 005385

The Development of the Domestic Cat,Felis catus, as an Animal Model for Genetic Analysis

O'Brien, Stephen

Z01 BC 010317

Rapid Analysis of Single Nucleotide Polymorphism Genotypes in AIDS Cohorts

O'Brien, Stephen

Z01 SC 010370

Comparative Genomics of Genes Located on Chromosomes X and Y

Oppenheim, Joost

Z01 BC 009369

Studies of Chemokine-Receptor Interactions with Chemokines and alarmins

Oppenheim, Joost

Z01 BC 010707

Role of T regulatory suppression in autoimmunity and cancer

Oppenheim, Joost

Z01 BC 010708

Consequences of receptor cross talk on inflammation and algesia

Palena, Claudia

Z01 BC 010937

Novel Targets for Vaccine Therapy

Parent, Carole

Z01 BC 010418

Signaling events regulating chemotaxis

Parkhurst, Maria

Z01 BC 011030

Peptide Synthesis Core Faciity and Peptide Epitope Identification

Pastan, Ira

Z01 BC 008753

Immunotoxin Therapy of Solid and Hematopoietic Tumors: Preclinical Studies

Pastan, Ira

Z01 BC 010020

Clinical Trials with Immunotoxins

Pastan, Ira

Z01 BC 010298

Growth Regulation Section

Paterson, Bruce

Z01 BC 005258

Molecular Studies of Eukaryotic Gene Regulation

Pathak, Vinay

Z01 BC 010532

Role of Connection and RNase H Domains of HIV-1 RT in Antiviral Drug Resistance

Pathak, Vinay

Z01 BC 010533

Mechanisms of HIV-1 Reverse Transcription

Pathak, Vinay

Z01 BC 010595

Structure and Function of APOBEC Proteins

Pavlakis, George

Z01 BC 010749

DNA Vaccines

Pavlakis, George

Z01 BC 010750

HIV Molecular Biology and Pathogenic Mechanisms of AIDS

Perantoni, Alan

Z01 BC 005093

Growth/Differentiation Factors in Organogenesis

Phang, James

Z01 BC 010743

Metabolic Mechanisms for Programmed Cell Death

Phang, James

Z01 BC 010744

Regulation of Proline Oxidase for Bioenergetics during Nutrient Stress

Phang, James

Z01 BC 010746

Extracellular Matrix and Stress Substrates: the Role of Prolidase

Pinto, Peter

Z01 BC 011081

Prostate Section

Pinto, Peter

Z01 BC 011023

Clinical Fellowship Training Program

Poirier, Miriam

Z01 BC 005177

Interaction of Chemical Carcinogens and Chemotherapeutic Agents with DNA

Poirier, Miriam

Z01 BC 010770

Genotoxicity and mitochondrial toxicity of antiretroviral NRTI and PI drugs

Pommier, Yves

Z01 BC 006150

DNA Repair, Cell Cycle Checkpoints and Apoptosis as Targets for Anticancer Drugs

Pommier, Yves

Z01 BC 006161

DNA Topoisomerases as Target of Action of Anticancer Drugs

Pommier, Yves

Z01 BC 007333

Pharmacology of HIV Viral DNA & Retroviral Integrases

Popescu, Nicholas

Z01 BC 010038

Molecular Cytogenetics of Solid Tumors

Potter, Michael

Z01 BC 005596

Pathogenesis of plasma cell tumors in mice

Qasba, Pradman

Z01 BC 010804

Using Glycosyltransferases for the Development of Targeted Drug Delivery System

Qasba, Pradman

Z01 BC 010805

Using Glycosyltransferases for Conjugation of Single-Chain Antibodies and Lipids

Qasba, Pradman

Z01 BC 010742

Utilizing Glycosyltransferases for Bioconjugation

Qasba, Pradman

Z01 BC 010041

Oligosaccharide Substrate and Inhibitor Interactions with beta-1,4-Gal-T1

Qasba, Pradman

Z01 BC 009304

Structure-Function Studies and Design of Novel Glycosyltransferases

Rader, Christoph

Z01 BC 010647

Antibody Engineering for Therapy and Diagnosis of Hematologic Malignancies

Rader, Christoph

Z01 BC 010648

Discovery of Drugs, Targets, and Target Strategies for Immunotherapy of CLL

Raffeld, Mark

Z01 BC 011087

Immunohistochemistry Core Laboratory

Raffeld, Mark

Z01 BC 011079

Molecular Diagnostics Core Laboratory

Raffeld, Mark

Z01 BC 011135

Molecular Mechanism of Lymphomagenesis

Randazzo, Paul

Z01 BC 007365

Regulation of ADP-ribosylation factor

Reilly, Karlyne

Z01 BC 010539

Identification of Modifier Gene of Tumors Associated with NF1 and Astrocytoma

Reilly, Karlyne

Z01 BC 010540

Molecular Mechanisms of Proliferation and Infiltration of Astrocytoma

Reilly, Karlyne

Z01 BC 010541

Development of Mouse Astrocytoma Model for Preclinical Testing

Rein, Alan

Z01 BC 010511

Retrovirus Assembly and Maturation

Rein, Alan

Z01 BC 010512

Interactions of Retroviral Proteins with Nucleic Acids

Rein, Alan

Z01 BC 010773

Interactions of APOBEC3 Proteins with Murine Leukemia Virus

Restifo, Nicholas

Z01 BC 011037

Developing new immunotherapies based of CD4+ T cells

Restifo, Nicholas

Z01 BC 010763

Building on the success of the adoptive immunotherapy of cancer

Ried, Thomas

Z01 BC 010833

Identification and functional characterization of colorectal cancer genes

Ried, Thomas

Z01 BC 010834

Identifying Diagnostic Markers for Cervical Cancer, Breast Cancer, and Prostate Cancer

Ried, Thomas

Z01 BC 010835

Consequences of Genomic Instability and Aneuploidy on the Colorectal Cancer Transcriptome

Ried, Thomas

Z01 BC 010836

Cancer Genomics

Ried, Thomas

Z01 BC 010837

Prediction of Therapy Response in Colorectal Cancer

Riesz, Peter

Z01 SC 006358

Radiolysis, Photolysis, Sonolysis and Sonoprotection of Cells

Robbins, Paul

Z01 BC 010948

DNA Sequencing and FACS Core Facilities

Robert-Guroff, Marjorie

Z01 BC 011058

Development of a Vaccine for HIV/AIDS: Humoral Immunity

Robert-Guroff, Marjorie

Z01 BC 011062

Development of a Vaccine for HIV/AIDS: Cellular Immunity

Robert-Guroff, Marjorie

Z01 BC 011063

Development of a Vaccine for HIV/AIDS: Translation to the Clinic

Roberts, David

Z01 SC 009174

Roles of Glycoconjugates and Redox Signaling in Tumor Biology

Roberts, David

Z01 SC 009172

Cellular Interactions with Thrombospondin

Roberts, David

Z01 SC 009173

Host Colonization and Vascular Dissemination ofCandida albicans

Roche, Paul

Z01 BC 011035

Regulation of Exocytosis from Immune Cells

Roche, Paul

Z01 BC 011033

Mechanisms of MHC Class II Association with Plasma Membrane Microdomains

Roche, Paul

Z01 BC 009404

Regulation of MHC Class II Trafficking in Antigen Presenting Cells

Rong, Yikang

Z01 BC 010446

DNA Double Strand Break Repair in Drosophila Melanogaster

Roschke, Anna

Z01 BC 010930

Molecular Cytogenetics Core

Rosenberg, Steven

Z01 SC 003800

Surgical Consultants & Collaborative Research Involving Surgical Services at NIH

Rosenberg, Steven

Z01 BC 010984

Adoptive Cell Transfer Immunotherapy of Cancer

Rosenberg, Steven

Z01 BC 010985

Gene therapy of cancer

Rubin, Jeffrey

Z01 BC 010251

Secreted Frizzled-Related Proteins and Wnt Signaling

Rubin, Jeffrey

Z01 BC 010678

Keratinocyte Growth Factor (KGF): Clinical Applications

Rubin, Jeffrey

Z01 BC 011050

Wnt Antagonist Gene Hypermethylation in Circulating DNA: Cancer Biomarker

Ruscetti, Sandra

Z01 BC 005657

Molecular Basis for the Pathogenesis of Murine Retroviruses

Ruscetti, Francis

Z01 BC 009264

Cytokine Regulation of Normal and Neoplastic Hematopoietic Cell Growth

Ruscetti, Francis

Z01 BC 010252

Pathogenic Effects of Human Retroviruses on Hematopoietic and Adherent Cells.

Sabzevari, Helen

Z01 BC 010933

Costimulation Enhances Murine T Cells in Cancer Vaccine Development

Sabzevari, Helen

Z01 BC 010952

Cytokines to control the immune response in cancer vaccine development

Salomon, David

Z01 BC 009003

The Role of Cripto in the Pathogenesis of Breast and Colon Cancer

Samelson, Lawrence

Z01 BC 010304

Biochemical Basis of T Cell Activation

Samelson, Lawrence

Z01 BC 010895

The cell biology of the calcium release-activated calcium channel in T cells

Sayers, Thomas

Z01 BC 010012

Mechanisms of Immune-mediated Tumor Cell Destruction

Sayers, Thomas

Z01 BC 011056

Promoting tumor cell apoptosis by death ligands

Schiller, John

Z01 BC 009052

Papillomavirus Virion Proteins and Vaccines

Schlom, Jeffrey

Z01 BC 010598

Human T Cell Responses to Tumor Antigens for Cancer Vaccine Development

Schlom, Jeffrey

Z01 BC 010425

Analysis of Human Immune Reponses in Cancer Vaccine Clinical Trials

Schlom, Jeffrey

Z01 BC 010944

Control of the immune response for cancer vaccine development

Schneider, Thomas

Z01 BC 008396

Molecular Information Theory

Schneider, Thomas

Z01 BC 010771

Medusa(TM) Sequencer

Schneider, Thomas

Z01 BC 010772

Rod-Tether Nanoprobe

Schrump, David

Z01 BC 011115

Epigenetic Mechanisms of Gene Expression in Lung Cancer Cells

Schrump, David

Z01 BC 011122

Epigenetic Alterations Induced by Tobacco Smoke

Schrump, David

Z01 SC 010093

Targeting the Epigenome for Lung Cancer Therapy

Segal, David

Z01 BC 009254

Structure and Function of Toll-like Receptors

Segal, David

Z01 BC 010879

Role of Toll-like receptors in the generation of acquired immunity

Shapiro, Bruce

Z01 BC 008382

Computational Approaches for RNA Structure/Function Determination

Shapiro, Bruce

Z01 BC 011061

Computational RNA Nanodesign

Sharan, Shyam

Z01 BC 010387

Functional Analysis of Breast Cancer Susceptibility Genes in Mice

Sharrow, Susan

Z01 BC 009255

Application of Flow Cytometry to Cell Biology

Shaw, J. Stephen

Z01 BC 010272

Facilitating Access to Information on Human Proteins and Their Phosphorylation

Shaw, J. Stephen

Z01 BC 009257

Mechanisms of Cellular Immune Responses

Shaw, J. Stephen

Z01 BC 010993

Molecular architecture of lymphocyte cortex

Shaw, J. Stephen

Z01 BC 010994

Lymphocyte membrane-proximal basophilic kinases

Shaw, J. Stephen

Z01 BC 010995

ERM phosphorylation in lymphocytes

Shaw, J. Stephen

Z01 BC 010996

Molecular mechanisms of ERM regulation

Shearer, Gene

Z01 BC 009267

Immune Protection/Dysregulation in HIV/AIDS

Simone, Nicole

Z01 BC 010873

Underlying Cause of Radiation-induced Fibrosis

Simpson, R. Mark

Z01 BC 010931

Comparative Biomedical Scientist Training Program

Simpson, R. Mark

Z01 BC 010953

Molecular Pathology Research for Cancer Diagnostics and Biomarkers

Singer, Dinah

Z01 BC 009279

Regulation of Expression of MHC Class I Genes

Singer, Dinah

Z01 BC 009285

Responses of MHC Class I Genes to Exogeneous Stimuli

Singer, Dinah

Z01 SC 010375

TAF7: A Check-point Regulator in Transcription Initiation

Singer, Dinah

Z01 BC 010927

Role of Chromatin Structure in Regulating MHC Class I Expression

Singer, Dinah

Z01 BC 010928

Boundary Elements Regulate MHC Class I Expression In Vivo

Singer, Alfred

Z01 BC 009273

T Cell Differentiation and Repertoire Selection

Singer, Alfred

Z01 BC 011116

MHC-independent T cells

Singer, Alfred

Z01 BC 011117

T cell receptor regulation of cytokine signaling

Singer, Alfred

Z01 BC 011111

Cytokine signaling in developing thymocytes and T cells

Singer, Alfred

Z01 BC 011112

Development and function of regulatory T cells

Singer, Alfred

Z01 BC 011113

T cell survival

Singer, Alfred

Z01 BC 011114

Role of microRNAs in T cell development

Singer, Alfred

Z01 BC 011106

Specification of T cell function during development

Smith, Michael

Z01 BC 010271

Identification of Genes Involved in HIV-1/AIDS, HBV and HCV

Smith, Michael

Z01 BC 010306

Identification of Needle Sharing: A Risk Factor for Viral Infection

Smith, Michael

Z01 BC 010270

High-Throughput Genotyping for Genetic Epidemiology

Smith, Michael

Z01 BC 005800

Discovering Disease Susceptibility Genes in African Americans

Smith, Gilbert

Z01 BC 010021

Biology of Mammary Gland Development and Tumorigenesis

Smith-Gill, Sandra

Z01 BC 010623

Molecular recognition of proteins by antibodies: A model for rational design

Smith-Gill, Sandra

Z01 BC 010812

Time-dependent receptor-target interactions in molecular interaction networks

Smith-Gill, Sandra

Z01 BC 011085

Binding Kinetics of LRP Protein with Receptor Related Protein

Srinivasula, Srinivasa (Murty)

Z01 BC 010629

Characterization of Signaling Pathways involved in Cell Death and Survival

St. Croix, Brad

Z01 BC 010486

Search for New Tumor Endothelial Markers

St. Croix, Brad

Z01 BC 010483

TEM5 Ligand Hunt

St. Croix, Brad

Z01 BC 010484

Functional Analysis of TEM5 and TEM8

St. Croix, Brad

Z01 BC 010578

Targeting TEMs in Preclinical Tumor Models

St. Croix, Brad

Z01 BC 010736

Using mouse knockouts to unravel endothelial gene function

Staudt, Louis

Z01 BC 011006

Molecular diagnosis and outcome prediction in lymphoma

Staudt, Louis

Z01 BC 011007

RNA interference-based screens for molecular targets in cancer

Staudt, Louis

Z01 BC 011008

Oncogenic mechanisms and molecular targets in lymphoma

Staudt, Louis

Z01 BC 011010

Oncogenic mechanisms and molecular targets in myeloma

Steakley, Caryn

Z01 BC 010987

Center for Cancer Research Patient Travel

Steakley, Caryn

Z01 BC 010988

Center for Cancer Research Clinical Trials Data Management Service

Steakley, Caryn

Z01 BC 010882

Clinical Trials Support

Steeg, Patricia

Z01 BC 010538

Molecular Analysis of Breast Cancer Metastasis to the Brain

Steeg, Patricia

Z01 SC 000892

Molecular Biology of the Metastatic Phenotype

Steinberg, Seth

Z01 SC 007202

Biostatistics and Data Management Section

Sterneck, Esta

Z01 BC 010307

Molecular Mechanisms Regulating Mouse Mammary Gland and Human Breast Tumor Cells

Stetler-Stevenson, William

Z01 SC 009179

The Role of TIMPs in Cell Growth and Differentiation: Tumor Angiogenesis

Stetler-Stevenson, Maryalice

Z01 SC 009372

Flow Cytometric Analysis of Benign and Malignant Tumors

Stetler-Stevenson, Maryalice

Z01 BC 011093

FLow Cytometric Detection of Malignant Cells in Body Fluids

Stetler-Stevenson, Maryalice

Z01 BC 011094

Detection of Circulating Endothelial Cells

Stetler-Stevenson, Maryalice

Z01 BC 011104

Flow Cytometric Evaluation of Biomarkers

Stracke, Mary

Z01 BC 010935

Regulation of Metastasis and Angiogenesis by Autotaxin and its Products

Strathern, Jeffrey

Z01 BC 010992

Fidelity of Transcription

Strathern, Jeffrey

Z01 BC 010380

Recombination and Regulation

Subramaniam, Sriram

Z01 BC 010278

Imaging cellular assemblies with three-dimensional electron microscopy

Subramaniam, Sriram

Z01 BC 010824

Molecular structure of the bacterial chemotaxis apparatus

Subramaniam, Sriram

Z01 BC 010825

HIV neutralization and mechanisms of cellular entry

Subramaniam, Sriram

Z01 BC 010826

Technology Development for 3D Electron Microscopy

Swing, Deborah

Z01 BC 010903

Transgenic Core Facility

Symer, David

Z01 BC 010631

Characterization of candidate histone methyltransferases

Symer, David

Z01 BC 010628

Genomic, Transcriptional and Epigenetic Variation Due to Retrotransposition

Tarasov, Sergey

Z01 BC 010965

CCR Biophysics Resource Core

Taylor, Barbara

Z01 BC 010941

CCR FACS Core Laboratory

Telford, William

Z01 BC 011138

FACS Core Facility

Telford, William

Z01 BC 011139

Application of novel laser technology for flow cytometric analysis.

Tessarollo, Lino

Z01 BC 010391

Role of Trk Receptors in the Development and Function of Non-neuronal Structures

Tessarollo, Lino

Z01 BC 010390

Role of Neurotrophins in the Development of the Mammalian Nervous System

Thiele-Galetto, Carol

Z01 BC 010788

Regulation of Differentiation of Pediatric Embryonal Tumors- Neuroblastoma

Thiele-Galetto, Carol

Z01 BC 010789

Pathophysiologic Consequences of Neurotrophin Activation of Trk in Neuroblastoma

Thorgeirsson, Snorri

Z01 BC 010036

Comparative Functional Genomics: Identifying Best-fit Models for Human Cancers

Thorgeirsson, Snorri

Z01 BC 005453

Cellular and Molecular Biology of the Hepatic Stem Cell Compartment

Thorgeirsson, Snorri

Z01 SC 010385

Molecular Classification of Human and Mouse Hepatocellular Carcinoma

Thorgeirsson, Snorri

Z01 BC 010638

The role of c-met in liver biology

Thorgeirsson, Snorri

Z01 BC 011031

Cancer stem cells and human liver cancer

Tosato, Giovanna

Z01 BC 010782

Study of the Roles of SDF1 and CXCR4 in Hematopoiesis

Tosato, Giovanna

Z01 SC 010355

Angiogenesis and Tumor Growth

Tosato, Giovanna

Z01 SC 010356

A Role for KSHV in the Pathogenesis of Malignancies

Trepel, Jane

Z01 SC 006743

Signal Transduction Events and the Regulation of Cell Growth

Trinchieri, Giorgio

Z01 BC 010793

Role of inflammation, innate resistance, and immunity in carcinogenesis.

Tsang, Kwong

Z01 BC 010972

Identification of human tumor-associated antigens

Tsang, Kwong

Z01 BC 010973

Analyses of human T regulatory cells

Tsokos, Maria

Z01 SC 009431

Histologic and Molecular Characterization of Solid Pediatric Tumors

Tsokos, Maria

Z01 SC 009394

Diagnostic Electron Microscopy (EM)

Tsokos, Maria

Z01 SC 010058

Regulation of Apoptosis in Ewing's Sarcoma and Neuroblastoma

Turner, Maria

Z01 BC 010688

Dermatology Consultation Clinic and Clinical Research

Udey, Mark

Z01 BC 010956

EpCAM (CD326) Function in Epithelial Cell BIology and Immunophysiology

Udey, Mark

Z01 BC 010976

Role of MFG-E8 in Tumor Biology ans Immunophysiology

Udey, Mark

Z01 SC 003669

Regulation of Cutaneous Accessory Cell Activity in Health and Disease

Van Dyke, Terry

Z01 BC 011137

Center for Applied Preclinical Research (CAPR)

Van Dyke, Terry

Z01 BC 011017

The study of underlying mechanism of EGFR-Ras signaling in glioblastoma

Van Dyke, Terry

Z01 BC 010880

Mechanisms of Prostate Tumorigenesis Using Genetically Engineered Mouse Models

Vinson, Charles

Z01 BC 005271

Gene Regulation and Function: The B-ZIP Proteins

Vocke, Cathy

Z01 BC 011044

Clinical Tissue Procurement and Sequencing Core

Vogel, Jonathan

Z01 BC 010542

Biology of Keratinocyte and Cancer Stem Cells

Vogel, Jonathan

Z01 BC 010695

Prostate stem cells and cancer stem cells

Vogel, Jonathan

Z01 SC 003670

Keratinocyte Gene Therapy

Vonderhaar, Barbara

Z01 BC 008226

Prolactin Interactions in Mammary Gland Development and Tumorigenesis

Vonderhaar, Barbara

Z01 BC 010768

Isolation, Propagation and Characterization of Breast Stem Cells

Waalkes, Michael

Z01 BC 005488

Mechanisms of Inorganic Carcinogenesis

Wakefield, Lalage

Z01 BC 005785

TGF-betas in breast cancer progression

Wakefield, Lalage

Z01 BC 010881

Development of TGF-beta antagonists for cancer therapy

Waldmann, Thomas

Z01 SC 004002

IL-2/IL-15 Cytokine Receptor: Implications for Cancer Therapy and Vaccine Design

Waldmann, Thomas

Z01 BC 010906

Interleukin-15 Production for Treatment of Patients with Metastatic Malignancy

Walsh, Thomas

Z01 SC 006830

Treatment of Infections in Immunocompromised Children

Wang, Xin Wei

Z01 BC 005793

Mechanism of viral hepatitis-mediated hepatocarcinogenesis

Wang, Xin Wei

Z01 BC 010313

Molecular signatures for liver cancer diagnosis and treatment stratification

Wang, Xin Wei

Z01 BC 010876

The role of cancer stem cells in liver cancer heterogeneity and subtypes

Wang, Xin Wei

Z01 BC 010877

The identification of human hepatocellular carcinoma metastasis genes

Wang, Ji Ming

Z01 BC 010725

Role of Formylpeptide Receptors in Host Defense

Wang, Ji Ming

Z01 BC 010015

The Role of Cellular Receptors Involved in Inflammation and Tumor Progression

Wang, Yun-Xing

Z01 BC 010379

Search for the Structural Basis of Biomacromolecular Function and Activity

Ward, Yvona

Z01 BC 010947

Cell and Cancer Biology Branch Confocal Microscopy Core

Warren, Katherine

Z01 BC 011018

Differential Gene Expression and Targeting of Gliomas Using Radiation

Warren, Katherine

Z01 BC 011019

Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma Genomic Study

Warren, Katherine

Z01 BC 010709

An Exploratory Study of Biologic and Pathophysiologic Efects of Radiation Therap

Warren, Katherine

Z01 BC 010800

Convection enhanced delivery of agents into the brainstem of patients with diff

Warren, Katherine

Z01 BC 010580

Phase II Trial of PEG-Intron in Children with Diffuse Pontine Gliomas

Warren, Katherine

Z01 BC 010585

A Phase I Trial of CC-5013 (lenalidomide) in Pediatric Patients with Recurrent or Refractory Primary CNS Tumors

Warren, Katherine

Z01 BC 010589

Imaging as a Biomarker for Diffuse Intrinsic Brainstem Gliomas

Warren, Katherine

Z01 BC 010590

Phase II Trial of O6-Benzylguanine and Temozolomide in Pediatric Patients with High-Grade Gliomas and Brainstem Gliomas

Waugh, David

Z01 BC 010780

Structural studies of molecular cancer targets and drug development

Waugh, David

Z01 BC 010341

Protein Expression and Purification in the Fast Lane

Waugh, David

Z01 BC 010342

Structural Proteomics of the Yersinia Yop Virulon

Wayne, Alan

Z01 SC 010353

Experimental Therapeutics of Pediatric Hematopoietic Malignancies

Wayne, Alan

Z01 BC 010596

Pediatric Graft-vs-Host Disease

Wayne, Alan

Z01 BC 010764

Pediatric Oncology Branch Clinical Care and Education

Weinstein, John

Z01 BC 007349

New Cancer Drugs: Integrative Pharmacogenomics and Pharmacoproteomics

Weinstein, John

Z01 BC 010842

The "Miner Suite": State of the Art Bioinformatic Tools and Data Resources

Weinstein, John

Z01 BC 010823

Asparagine Synthetase as a Biomarker for L-asparaginase Rx of Ovarian Cancer

Weissman, Allan

Z01 BC 009392

Determining the Fate of Transmembrane Proteins

Weissman, Allan

Z01 BC 010292

Enzymes and Substrates of the Ubiquitin Conjugating System

Wickner, Sue

Z01 BC 008710

Molecular Chaperones and DNA Replication

Widemann, Brigitte

Z01 BC 010801

Development of Therapies for Neurofibromatosis Type 1 Related Tumors and other Genetic Tumor Predisposition Syndromes

Widemann, Brigitte

Z01 SC 010354

Clinical Development of Novel Drugs for Children with Refractory Cancers

Wiest, Jonathan

Z01 BC 011108

MAP Kinase signal transduction disruption in cancer

Wiest, Jonathan

Z01 BC 010448

Genetic Alterations in Lung Cancer

Wiest, Jonathan

Z01 BC 011133

CCR Office of Training and Education

Wilson, Wyndham

Z01 BC 010715

Phase II study of flavopiridol in mantle cell lymphoma and DLBCL

Wilson, Wyndham

Z01 BC 010716

Phase I/II study of BCL-family inhibitors in lymphoma

Wilson, Wyndham

Z01 BC 010717

Phase I study of bortezomib and DA-EPOCH-R with microarray in DLBCL

Wilson, Wyndham

Z01 BC 010719

Randomized Phase II study of borteozmib/EPOCH-R in Mantle cell lymphoma

Wilson, Wyndham

Z01 BC 010728

Phase III Study of R-CHOP v DA-EPOCH-R with microarray

Wilson, Wyndham

Z01 SC 006741

Lymphoma Studies

Wiltrout, Robert

Z01 BC 010892

Characterization of the interaction between inflammation and cancer progression

Wiltrout, Robert

Z01 BC 010893

Tumor models for the study of inflammation and oncogenesis

Wiltrout, Robert

Z01 BC 009262

Immunophysiological Mechanisms in the Biological Therapy of Cancer

Wiltrout, Robert

Z01 BC 009322

Mechanisms of Leukocyte Migration Following Cytokine Administration to Mice

Wiltrout, Robert

Z01 BC 011021

Basic Research Support for the CCR

Wiltrout, Robert

Z01 BC 011022

Clinical Research Support for the CCR

Wink, David

Z01 SC 007281

Nitric Oxide as a Modifier of Oxidative Stress

Wink, David

Z01 BC 010898

Redox Mechanism Process of Angiogenesis and Wound Healing

Wink, David

Z01 BC 010899

Properties of redox modified NSAIDs in cancer prevention and treatment

Winkler, David

Z01 BC 010900

DNA Extraction Service

Winkler, David

Z01 BC 010901

Hollow Fiber Production of Monoclonal Antibodies

Winkler, Cheryl Ann

Z01 BC 010297

Identification of Gene Polymorphisms Associated with Infectious Diseases

Winkler, Cheryl Ann

Z01 BC 010022

Genetics of Renal Disease in African Americans

Winkler, Cheryl Ann

Z01 BC 010798

Genetic Investigation of NPC and HCC in a Chinese Population

Wlodawer, Alexander

Z01 BC 010348

Protein Structure

Wolff, Linda

Z01 BC 011039

Long distant regulation of c-myb in normal cells and acute myeloid leukemia

Wolff, Linda

Z01 BC 011034

. Methylation and silencing of human p15INK4b in acute myeloid leukemia

Wolff, Linda

Z01 BC 011027

Animal models to study the role of INK4b loss in human acute myeloid leukemia

Wu, Carl

Z01 BC 005263

Eukaryotic Chromatin Structure and Gene Regulation

Wunderlich, John

Z01 BC 010905

Cell Prep Core

Xia, Di

Z01 BC 010735

Structural studies of fimbriae of enterotoxigenic E. coli (ETEC)

Xia, Di

Z01 BC 010600

Study of AAA proteins by X-ray protein crystallography

Xia, Di

Z01 BC 010319

Structural Analysis of Biological Membrane Proteins

Yamaguchi, Terry

Z01 BC 010841


Yamaguchi, Terry

Z01 BC 010345

The Role of Wnt Genes in Vertebrate Development and Cancer

Yang, James

Z01 SC 006660

Defining the T-cell Response to Human Renal Cancer

Yang, James

Z01 BC 010803

Characterizing a novel tumor recognition mechanism

Yarchoan, Robert

Z01 SC 010084

Pediatric HIV/AIDS Clinical Research

Yarchoan, Robert

Z01 SC 006737

Development of Novel Therapies for HIV Infection

Yarchoan, Robert

Z01 BC 010885

Study of tumor pathogenesis and development of therapies for AIDS-malignancies

Yarchoan, Robert

Z01 BC 010888

Clinical trials of patients with AIDS-related malignancies

Yeh, Grace

Z01 BC 000189

Dietary Regulation of Molecular Changes in Carcinogen-Resistant Cells

Yeh, Grace

Z01 BC 000155

Effect of Phytochemicals on Biochemical Mechanisms Relevant to Carcinogenesis

Young, Howard

Z01 BC 009283

Control of Cytokine Gene Expression in Lymphoid/Myeloid Cells

Young, Howard

Z01 BC 010867

Genetically Modifying Lactobacillus to Alter Gut Inflammation and Pathogens

Yuspa, Stuart

Z01 BC 005445

Pathways that Suppress or Accelerate Premalignant Progression of Squamous Cancer

Yuspa, Stuart

Z01 BC 004504

Interacting Signaling Pathways that Initiate Squamous Cell Carcinogenesis

Zhang, Ying

Z01 BC 010419

Molecular Mechanisms of TGF-beta Signaling Pathway

Zheng, Zhi-Ming

Z01 SC 010357

Gene Expression and Post-Transcriptional Regulation of DNA Tumor Viruses

Zhurkin, Victor

Z01 BC 010844

DNA Folding in Chromatin and Interaction with Transcription Factors

Zhurkin, Victor

Z01 BC 010845

p53-induced Regulation of Transcription in the Chromatin Context