Request for Material for Reference Laboratory Testing (Sendouts)

On occasion, LP staff are asked to process tissues (FFPE blocks or recut slides) for reference laboratory testing (tests not offered inhouse).  Although LP does not have a Sendout Technician, the Archivist will process some sendouts for supplemental tests ordered by LP pathologists to support clinical diagnosis.   Please note: under no circumstance is any patient material to be released outside of the Laboratory of Pathology (e.g. to researchers, collaborators, other laboratories, outside clinicians, nurses, etc.) by LP staff other than the Archivist. Release of ANY patient material for sendouts or for temporary release to non-LP staff MUST be processed ONLY by LP’s Archivist. The LP Archivist will document and track all released material, and subsequently follow up to ensure the case material is returned to LP’s archives.

Clinical Sendout Tests - Requested by an LP Pathologist

Clinical Sendout Tests - Not Requested by an LP Pathologist - Will be sent to a Reference Lab by the PI

Non-Clinical Sendout Requests