Systems Biology

Dr. Eric Batchelor, Ph.D, Systems Biology Section
Building 10, Room B1B42
(301) 451-7156

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General Information

Mailing Address:
Systems Biology Section 
Laboratory of Pathology, CCR
National Cancer Institute
9000 Rockville Pike
Building 10, Room B1B42
Bethesda, MD 20892-1500

Research Synopsis:

In our lab, we focus on quantitatively understanding the regulation and function of cellular stress responses. These responses are important for a wide range of biological processes, including the responses to DNA damage and oncogene activation. Our work focuses on understanding the tumor suppressor protein p53. p53 is upregulated in response to numerous cellular stresses, including various forms of DNA damage. When activated, it can regulate the expression of over a hundred genes, affecting a cell’s ability to repair damage, divide, or undergo programmed cell death if damage is too great. p53 is one of the most frequently mutated proteins in cancer, and mutations in the circuit regulating p53 are believed to occur in almost all cancers. More recently, we are studying interactions between p53 and the important oncogene c-Myc, which is an amplifier of all gene expression in cells. To study these important cellular components, we employ a variety of approaches:

Several areas of future investigation include: