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As of Labmatrix 5.0.3, you can now use any modern version of Firefox. On the first access of Labmatrix, you will be required to allow Labmatrix to install an add-on; this directs Firefox to allow Labmatrix to run properly. To do so:

1. Go to the Labmatrix website.
2. On first load, you will see a window which reads "Firefox Add-On Required":

3. Click on the link in the middle of that page ("Click here to install the BioFortis Web Applications Support add-on"). You will then see a prompt from Firefox telling you that it prevented the add-on installation, and asking you to allow it:

4. Click the "Allow" button, which will bring up a window giving you information about the add-on:

5. Click the "Install Now" button. This will install the add-on, and then prompt you that you need to restart Firefox to complete the installation:

6. Click the "Restart Now" button, and you should be all set.

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