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Labmatrix Lab Loader is a separate web application from Labmatrix, and is accessible at When you log into Labmatrix Lab Loader, you are presented with a home page and the relevant action links on the right side. Choosing the subject for whom you wish to load labs can be done either by study or by individual MRN; if you use the "lookup by study" option, you are presented with a list of studies on which you have permissions and then a list of subjects on your chosen study, and you can choose one or more subjects from this list.

Once you've chosen your subjects, you then enter a date range for which you'd like to look up results. There are shortcut buttons to allow you to choose just the last week of results, which allows you to do weekly loads easily. Once you enter the date range, you'll be presented with a list of your chosen subjects and all the results for those subjects in that date range.

Multiple subjects

If you've chosen multiple subjects, the list of results will be collapsed so as to make it easy to see how many were found – each subject will be listed in a line along with the number of results found for that subject, and you then click on the subject to expand the list of results beneath it.

In the list of results, you can check off any individual one, or use the checkbox in the header row of a lab panel to choose all the results in that panel. (Any results which have already been loaded will show a pre-checked and greyed-out checkbox.) Once you've chosen the results you wish to load, scroll to the bottom and click "Choose Labs", which will load them and display a confirmation page to you.

When results are loaded into Labmatrix, they will display in two different Custom Data Forms – labs will show up in the "Clinical Labs" form, and cultures will show up in the "Clinical Cultures" form.

Finally, there is a help page in the Labmatrix Lab Loader application which answers many of the common questions or issues; it's accessible via the links on the right of the web application itself. (Most importantly, it addresses the most common question, which relates to accidentally terminating your Labmatrix Lab Loader session by logging into the Labmatrix application itself and leaving "Terminate any active sessions for this account" checked!)

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