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To connect to Labmatrix using the externally-facing virtual terminal, follow these directions.


You should have been provided with two sets of credentials. The first set will give you access to the virtual terminal server (these are your "external AD credentials"; the second set will give you access to Labmatrix itself (your "Labmatrix credentials").

If you were just provided your credentials, then the first set will need to have the password changed on the first login. That process is as follows:

  1. Using a web browser, connect to
  2. Choose "NIHEXT" from the domain pull-down menu, and enter your username. It will tell you that you're not yet registered for the password change service.
  3. Walk through the registration steps.
  4. Once you've completed them, you should have the option to change your password which you must do in order to be able to use the account.

Connecting to the virtual terminal server

Once your external AD credentials are all set, you can connect to the virtual terminal server. Download this file, which you can then run; it will launch the Microsoft Remote Desktop client (available on Windows natively named "Remote Desktop Connection", and available from the Mac App Store on Macs).

When the client launches, you will be asked whether you want to connect; say yes.

You will then be asked for your credentials; these are "NIHEXT\username" (replacing "username" with your external AD username), and your external AD password.

Logging into Labmatrix

Once you are logged in, you will see a web browser, with Labmatrix loaded. Here, you will then log in with your Labmatrix credentials.

Once you're logged into Labmatrix, don't hesitate to reach out to with any support needs.

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