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In order for Firefox version 52 ESR to support the pedigree applet in Labmatrix, the following one-time setup needs to occur. You will need to know the name of a family that has a pedigree in Labmatrix, since one part of setting LM up is to launch an existing pedigree.

Note that on Windows, only the 32-bit version of Firefox supports plugins, and thus supports Java applets! You can click the three-horizontal-line icon in the upper right, then the question mark icon at the bottom of the fly-out menu, and then "About Firefox" to see what version you're running.

One-time steps to set Firefox and Java up

  1. Make sure Java is installed on your machine (all NCI standard-build computers should have it). Go to the Start menu, then All Programs, and then look for a "Java" folder — if you see it, then you have Java installed. If you don't have Java installed, then you'll have to first open up a service desk ticket to have a tech install Java for you.
  2. From the "Java" folder, find and click "Configure Java". The Java Control Panel should launch.

  3. In the Java Control Panel, click the "Security" tab, and make sure the top checkbox — "Enable Java content in the browser" is checked.

  4. Near the bottom of that "Security" tab, click the "Edit Site List" button to the right of the "Exception Site List" section.
  5. When the "Exception Site List" window pops up, click the "Add" button below the list. Scroll down to the bottom of the list, and click in the new line that was added at the bottom. In this field, type and then click the OK button at the bottom of the "Exception Site List" window.

  6. Click the "OK" button at the bottom of the Java Control Panel.
  7. Now, launch Firefox, navigate to Labmatrix (, and log in.
  8. Once logged in, click "Subjects" at the top to go to the Subjects module, and then in the left-hand pane, click "Family" to switch to the Family tab.
  9. Type the name of a family you know to exist into the "Name" field of the search form, and then click "Search".
  10. In the top right "Search Results" pane, double-click the row with your returned search result for the family, which should open that family into the lower right "Workspace" pane.
  11. In the lower right "Workspace" pane, click "Pedigree" to switch to the Pedigree tab. This should bring up a large content area in that pane that has a lego-piece icon reading "Activate Java".

  12. Click the "Activate Java" link. This should bring up a popup notification at the upper left of the Firefox window which reads "Allow to run plugins?"

  13. In this popup notification, there will either be a line that reads "Java", or a line that reads "Adobe Flash" and then a button below it that reads "Show All". If the button appears, click it, and this should reveal the line that reads "Java".

  14. In the line that reads "Java", change the pulldown menu from "Block Plugin" to "Allow and Remember", and then click "OK".
  15. Next, a dialog might come up titled "Java Update Needed"; if this comes up, click the "Later" option.

  16. Firefox now will reload the entire Labmatrix window. After it reloads, you'll find yourself back at the Labmatrix desktop.
  17. From the desktop, repeat steps 8 through 11 again, but this time, the Pedigree tab should start loading the pedigree applet. You will likely get a final dialog titled "Security Warning", reading that running the applet is a security risk; check the box that reads "I accept the risk and want to run this application". Then click the "Show Options" link at the bottom, and check the box that reads "Do not show this again for apps from the publisher and location above". Finally, click the "Run" button.

  18. Now, your pedigree should be displayed.
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