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Labmatrix is a research information management system that is provided for use by CCR investigators and their research staff at no cost to them. Labmatrix provides the ability to track information about research subjects and biospecimens, as well as the data collected about each as part of the clinical and translational research process. In addition, it provides robust specimen tracking and barcoding functionality, as well as a powerful query engine which enables both standardized reporting and ad-hoc data investigation. Finally, Labmatrix contains strong access controls to all data, enabling investigators to have the ultimate control over who can access and modify any part of the collected data.

Labmatrix is web-based, and can be accessed from any computer on the NIH network which is capable of running the Firefox web browser.

Here, you will find public (NIH community) information about Labmatrix, including manuals, barcoding equipment information and recommendations, and the like.

Labmatrix Manuals

If you don't see the link to the Labmatrix Manuals in the list below, it's probably because you're not logged into this site. Use the link at the top right to log in (using your NIH or Confluence credentials), and then refresh this page, and you will see the link to the manuals.

For further information or inquiries about Labmatrix, please send email to the NCI Labmatrix help desk:

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