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The Washington-Frederick-Baltimore Trainee Speakers Bureau (WFBT-SB)

The Washington-Frederick-Baltimore Trainee Speakers Bureau (WFBT-SB) is a networking initiative to provide advanced students and postdoctoral trainees with opportunities to present their work to a wider audience outside their current host institute. The network consists of volunteer contacts at several institutes of the region (see below), who can assist trainees in the broad area of cancer and developmental cell signaling with the identification of host laboratories/departments for seminars to practice their presentation and also interview skills in preparation for their next career step.

  1. Speakers are nominated by a letter from their advisors, accompanied by their C.V., an abstract about the work to be presented, and one additional letter of recommendation to assure that the presentation will be of high quality. Nominations can be sent to one or all of the WFBT-SB contacts. The nominator is highly encouraged to suggest adequate host laboratories or departments for the seminar based on overlapping scientific interests.
  2. The WFBT-SB contact will act on behalf of the presenter to arrange for a lab to host the presentation. 
  3. The host is expected to arrange all the details for the visit and seminar, ideally including an itinerary of meetings for the speaker.
  4. The speakers, respectively their advisors, are responsible for all expenses associated with the visit (i.e. travel and lunch).
  5. The WFBT-SB contact will make every effort to gather and provide anonymous feedback for the speaker and advice for improvements.

Current network contacts are as follows:

  • NIH-National Cancer Institute:  Dr. Esta Sterneck (Chair)
  • Johns Hopkins University:  Dr. Dipali Sharma (Vice-Chair)
  • Johns Hopkins University:  Dr. Linda Resar
  • George Washington University:  Dr. Rakesh Kumar
  • University of Maryland:  Dr. Tony Passaniti
  • Georgetown University:  Dr. Priscilla A. Furth
  • NIH-National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases:  Dr. Gertraud Robinson
  • NIH-National Institute of Child Health and Human Development: Dr. Todd Macfarlan

See "Contacts" for additional information.



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