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Susan Gottesman has won the National Academy of Sciences 2015 Selman A. Waksman Award in Microbiology

Tom Misteli was awarded the 2014 Robert Feulgen Prize by the Society for Histochemistry



In the Press

NCI Press Releases

New study shows normally helpful natural bacteria may also trigger lupus

CCR scientists gain new understanding of cellular mechanisms during infection

Study characterizes long non-coding RNA’s response to DNA damage in colon cancer cells

Dysregulated RNA-binding proteins may skew tumor cells’ RNA levels and spur their growth

NCI RNA Biology 2017 symposium recap

Structural map of Kaposi sarcoma-associated herpesvirus RNA provides clues to molecular interactions 

Sandra Wolin joins CCR as Chief, RNA Biology Laboratory

NCI scientists find protective mechanism against cancer in the cells of progeria patients 

Where HIV genetic information is inserted into host DNA is linked to clonal growth and persistence of infected cells 

NIH scientists map genetic changes that drive tumors in a common pediatric soft-tissue cancer  

ccr Connections

Bacterial Regulation: Past, Present, and Future

When Timing Matters: Observing mRNA transcription in real time

RNA Rules: The Many Faces and Functions of Ribonucleic Acids

 Seeing the Forest and the Trees

 HIV Integration and the Persistence of HIV Infection  

 In the Journals

Regulatory RNA Key Player in p53-Mediated Apoptosis in Embryonic Stem Cells

New Method for Producing Significant Amounts of RNA Labeled at Specific Sites

Splicing Modulation as a Potential Treatment for Vemurafenib-Resistant Melanoma

Finding Order in Randomness: Single-Molecule Studies Reveal Stochastic RNA Processing 

Designing and Testing Functional RNA Nanoparticles  

Finding Order in Randomness: Single-Molecule Studies Reveal Stochastic RNA Processing  

Changes in miRNAs Signal High-Risk HPV Infections 

Small RNA Enhances Antitumor T-cell Therapy 

Novel Structure of Ty3 Reverse Transcriptase  

 Using Proteomics to Identify Viral microRNA-Regulated Genes  

Novel approach using DNA-RNA hybrids in RNA nanotechnology 

Staying Alive: Cancer Cells Expressing Mutant KRas Depend on ERH for Survival  

RNAi Functions in Adaptive Reprogramming of the Genome

CTCF, a Novel Regulator of Alternative Splicing  

From SHAPE Signatures to 3-D Structures 


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