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NameLab/BranchLocationInterests/ExpertiseResources/Technologies Available
Batista, PedroLaboratory of Cell BiologyBethesdaUnderstanding how the RNA epigenome modulates gene expression during development and in disease. 
Caplen, NatashaGenetics BranchBethesdaunderstanding of the RNAi mechanism,  the development of optimized RNAi based resources, and protocols and assays using them and (3) the application of RNAi to cancer and cancer related processes and the use of RNAi to investigate the mechanism of action of anticancer drugs and their interaction with specific molecular target(s).siRNA
Court, DonRNA Biology LaboratoryFrederickRNA polymerase transcription complex/RNaseIIIRecombineering 
Felber, BarbaraVaccine BranchFrederickutilizing retroviral systems to identify and study mechanisms of mRNA metabolism using a combination of biochemistry, functional genomics, and proteomics; RNA optimized gag and env expression vectors for DNA vaccines 
Franchini, VeffaVaccine BranchBethesdamRNA in T-cell Transformation by Oncoviruses 
Freed, Eric
HIV DRP Retroviral Replication Laboratory
FrederickHIV/retrovirus assembly, viral protein trafficking, retrovirus replication, HIV-1 maturationsiRNA
Gottesman, SusanLaboratory of Molecular BiologyBethesdaSmall Regulatory RNAs and Energy-Dependent Proteolysis: Novel Modes for the Regulation of Gene Expression 
Grewal, ShivLaboratory of Biochemistry and Molecular BiologyBethesdaRNAi role in targeting of heterochromatin complexes to specific locations in the genome 
Gu, ShuoRNA Biology LaboratoryFrederickRNA-induced silencing complex assembly; Novel design of potent DNA-directed RNAi (shRNA) with minimal off-target effects; Fidelity Of miRNA Biogenesis - Dissecting Dicer Processing In Vivo 
Harris, CurtLaboratory of Human CarcinogenesisBethesdaprofiles of miRNAs and inflammation genes as they relate to cancer diagnosis, prognosis and therapeutic outcome 
Hoang, ChuongThoracic and Gastrointestinal Oncology BranchBethesdatranslating deranged microRNA profiles unique to mesothelioma and other thoracic cancers for biomarker discovery and novel therapeutic strategies 
Hu, Wei-Shau
HIV DRP Retroviral Replication Laboratory
FrederickUnderstanding Retroviral Gag and RNA Targeting and Virus Assembly; Reverse Transcription and Recombination; Regulation of Retroviral RNA Packaging and Dynamics of HIV-1 RNA Export 


Huang, Jing

Laboratory of Cancer Biology and GeneticsBethesdarole of long non-coding RNAs in ES cellsRNA-seq
Hughes, SteveHIV DRP Retroviral Replication LaboratoryFrederick
HIV Replication: Integration and reverse transcription
Genome wide distribution of regulatory proteins
RT and Rnase Assays
Jackson, SadhanaNeuro-oncology BranchBethesdaEvaluating the blood-brain barrier (BBB) of malignant gliomas in an attempt to transiently disrupt the BBB by pharmacologic means in an effort to improve chemotherapy delivery 
Ji, XinhuaMacromolecular Crystallography LaboratoryFrederickStructural view of RNA processingMacromolecular crystallography
Jin, DingRNA Biology LaboratoryFrederickRNA polymerase (RNAP) and transcriptional regulation in bacterial growth and stress responses 
Johnson, PeterMouse Cancer Genetics ProgramFrederick3'UTR-mediated regulation of mRNA localization and protein activity; signaling; transcription factorsGateway cloning system for assembling coding regions, 3'UTRs, and mRNA tags (under development with Dom Esposito, ATP, ATRF)
Kashlev, MikhailRNA Biology LaboratoryFrederickDirect assessment of transcription fidelity by high-resolution RNA sequencing; Mechanisms of Transcription Through Chromatin by RNA Polymerase II and III;What Determines High Processivity of RNA Polymerase in Transcription Elongation ; Crystallization of Elongation Complex of E. coli RNA polymerase with Nus Factors; Exploring DNA-protein and DNA-RNA Interactions in Elongation Complex of RNA Polymerase 
KewalRamani, VineetBasic Research LabFrederickrole of host factors in HIV infection and the biology of HIV in animal models 
Khan, JavedGenetics BranchBethesdaNext generation sequencing, RNAseq, gene expression profiling, downstream effects of fusion genes, alternative splicingNext generation sequencing, bioinformatics
Lal, AshishGenetics BranchBethesdaNon-coding RNAs in p53 signaling.Role of  long non-coding RNAs during DNA damage 
Larson, DanLaboratory of Receptor Biology and Gene ExpressionBethesdaTranscription Dynamics in Single Cells; Gene Expression Profiling and RNA visualization with Single-Molecule FISH Single-molecule FISH 
LeGrice, StuartBasic Research LabFrederick
RNA:protein interactions
RNA structure analysis
Chemical probing of nucleic acids
Retroviral and retrotransposon RT structure
High throughput screening for Rnase H inhibitors
Biological functions of non-coding RNAs
In vitro and in vivo RNA probing by SHAPE
Capillary electrophoresis
Pb-mediiated analysis of RNA structure 
Hydroxyl radical cleavage
Through-space cleavage of RNA
High level protein purification
Luo, JiLaboratory of Cancer Biology and GeneticsBethesdaPooled shRNA screens for target discoveries in cancer; Alternative splicing in Ras transformed cells; New shRNA vectors for mammalian genetic analysis 
Meier, JordanChemical Biology LaboratoryFrederickChemical biology, assay design, epitranscriptomics 
Meltzer, PaulGenetics BranchBethesdathe role of sequence based methods in cancer genome profilingcapability of measuring RNA expression (for coding, non-coding, and small RNAs), DNA copy number, DNA methylation, DNA variations (single nucleotide polymorphisms), chromatin modifications, and transcription factor localization at the whole genome level.
Merlino, GlennLaboratory of Cancer Biology and GeneticsBethesdausing RNA sequencing to understand melanoma/UV damageanimal- and cell culture-based melanoma models
Mili, VoulaLaboratory of Cellular and Molecular BiologyBethesdaRNA localization, localized translation, disruption of RNA localization pathways in diseaseFISH, translation imaging assays, isolation of newly-synthesized proteins
Misteli, TomLaboratory of Receptor Biology and Gene ExpressionBethesdaRNA biogenesis, alternative pre-mRNA splicing, chromatin in RNA processing, RNAs in living cells, splicing and diseaseFISH, high-throughput microscopy
 O'Keefe, Barry Molecular Targets LaboratoryFrederick Identification Of RNA-Binding Small Molecules With Small Molecule Microarrays 
Oberdoerffer, Shalini



Laboratory of Receptor Biology and Gene ExpressionBethesdaRegulation of alternative pre-mRNA splicing through RNA binding proteins and chromatin modificationsminigene constructs
Parent, CaroleLaboratory of Cellular and Molecular BiologyBethesdaSignaling Events Regulating Chemotaxis 
Pathak, VinayHIV DRP Retroviral Replication LaboratoryFrederickNuclear Import Of APOBEC3F-Labeled HIV-1 Preintegration Complexes 
Pavlakis, GeorgeVaccine BranchFrederickRNA optimized gag and env expression vectors for DNA vaccines; HIV RNA Expression Regulation 
Rein, AlanHIV DRP Retroviral Replication LaboratoryFrederickMechanisms in Retroviral Replication and Pathogenesis; packaging of viral RNA 
Ried, ThomasGenetics BranchBethesdausing RNA interference mediated knockdown of genes in colorectal cancer cell lines to identify their mode of action; miRNA expression profiles and patterns of genomic copy number changes and genetic variation to elucidate the biological basis of tumor response and treatment associated toxicity of patients with rectal cancer  
Ryan, BridLaboratory of Human CarcinogenesisBethesdaAlternative polyadenylation patterns and 3'UTR editing in cancer; miRNA expression and function in lung cancer 
Schneider, ThomasRNA Biology LaboratoryFredericktheoretical work on E. coli ribosome
binding sites, RNA
polymerase initiation,
and human splice junctions
Schneekloth, Jay Chemical Biology LaboratoryFrederickIdentification Of RNA-Binding Small Molecules With Small Molecule Microarrays 
Shapiro, BruceRNA Biology LabFrederickComputational and Experimental RNA Nanobiology and RNA Structure/Function Determination 
Shern, JackPediatric Oncology BranchBethesda1. Rhabdomyosarcoma 2. Fusion oncogenes 3. Precision Medicine 4. Whole genome sequencing 5. RNA sequencing 6. Epigenetics 
Singer, DinahExperimental Immunology BranchBethesdaTAF7: A Check-point Regulator in Transcription Initiation; Brd4 is an atypical kinase that regulates transcription 
Staudt, LouMetabolism BranchBethesdaRNA interference-based screens for molecular targets in cancer/Molecular diagnosis and outcome prediction in lymphoma 

Subramaniam, Sriram

Laboratory of Cell BiologyBethesda3D Electron Microscopy: New Advances For Structural Analysis Of Dynamic Macromolecular Assemblies 
Wang, Yun-XingStructural Biophysics LaboratoryFrederickto understand the fundamental interactions regulating essential events involving RNA in the translational and post-translational processes on both the structural and cellular levelsNMR spectroscopy and various other biophysical, biochemical, and biological methods
Wang, XinLaboratory of Human CarcinogenesisBethesdaDetermine the role of small non-coding RNAs (e.g., microRNAs) in hepatocellular carcinoma metastases, recurrence, survival and gender disparity 
Weissman, AllanLaboratory of Protein Dynamics and SignalingFrederickDetermining the Fate of Transmembrane Proteins; Enzymes and Substrates of the Ubiquitin Conjugating System 
Wolin, SandraRNA Biology LaboratoryFrederickBiogenesis and functions of noncoding RNAs and RNPs; RNA surveillance 
Young, Howard
Laboratory of Experimental Immunology
FrederickmiRNA patterns in response to chronic Interferon-gamma exposure; expertise in cytokine analysisimmunology based questions, analysis of cytokine gene expression
Zhang, YingLaboratory of Cellular and Molecular BiologyBethesdaMolecular Mechanisms of TGF-beta Signaling Pathway; Physiological and pathological functions of E3 ubiquitin ligases Smurfs 
Zheng, ThomasRNA Biology LaboratoryFrederickRNA-protein interaction in regulation of alternative RNA splicing and miRNA expression and functionIn vitro and in vivo RNA-protein interactions, in vitro RNA splicing, small RNA isolation and functional assays
Zhurkin, VictorLaboratory of Cell BiologyBethesdap53-induced Regulation of Transcription in the Chromatin Context; DNA Folding in Chromatin and Interaction with Transcription Factors 
Ziegelbauer, JoeHIV and AIDS Malignancy BranchBethesdaFunctions of viral microRNAs; expression profiling (mRNA/protein) with gain/loss of miRNA functionPredicting/validating microRNA targets, 3'UTR libraries, two-color quantitative western blotting
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