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NCI RNA Biology Initiative

RNA biology has emerged as one of the most influential areas in modern biology and biomedicine.  The discovery of numerous new classes of RNAs and their function in a wide spectrum of biological processes has revolutionized molecular biology and has profound implications for clinical sciences.  Key areas of current research include the elucidation of RNA biogenesis and structure, the identification of functions for various classes of RNAs, establishing the role of RNA in disease, and the exploration of RNA-based and RNA-targeted therapies.

The mission of the NCI RNA Biology Initiative is to create an interdisciplinary environment to facilitate the rapid exchange of information and expertise on the structure, function and biological roles of RNA and to apply our collective knowledge to develop new diagnostics and therapies. To achieve our mission, we work to foster synergistic interactions amongst NCI and NIH intramural investigators and between our investigator and the larger RNA Community.  The RNA Biology Initiative is open to all NCI investigators with an interest in the biology of RNA.

Activities of the RNA Biology Initiative include:

-   development of technology resources for the RNA community

-   organization of scientific meetings to promote interactions within NCI, NIH and with the extramural community

-   development and implementation of collaborative projects and new research directions

-   training and supporting the next generation of NCI RNA biologists

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