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Office of Scientific Programs (OSP)


Office of Scientific Programs

Committed to providing support to CCR Investigators
Facilitating the site visit review & implementation process.
Geoff Kidd, Cynthia Masison (Bethesda)
Gretchen White (Frederick)

Questions related to your site visit (scheduling, etc.) should be directed either to Beverly Mock or one of the staff members listed above.

Send your suggestions for Board of Scientific Counselor Nominees to Beverly Mock

Assisting & guiding Tenure Track Investigators through all aspects of the tenure process.

TT Ombudsman: Beverly Mock

TT Contacts: RaeJean Hermansen (Bethesda) and Gretchen White (Frederick)

Coordinating Promotion Panel Activities.

Staff Scientist Promotions & Quad Reviews, SRA Promotions:

Cynthia Masison, Executive Secretary, Promotion Review Panel.

Staff Clinician Promotions & Quad Reviews:

Geoff Kidd, Executive Secretary, Clinical Promotion Review Panel.

Tenure Track Promotions:

Beverly Mock, Executive Secretary, Tenure Review Panel and the Clinical Tenure Review Panel.

Collecting information on research projects and accomplishments in the CCR Annual Report.
Producing federally mandated reports on CCR's scientific spending.
RaeJean Hermansen & Cynthia Masison
Cynthia Masison collects nomination suggestions.

Geoff Kidd prepares nomination packages.

Gretchen White prepares FTTA nominations; FTTA Awards Committee, Executive Secretary