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Q: How do I request access to POTS for a new user or request that an existing user's profile be modified?

A: Requests to add or modify user profiles typically need to be submitted through a POTS lead. Please see here for more information.

Q: Who is the POTS lead for my division?

A: Please see here for an up-to-date listing of POTS Leads by division.

Q: I'm a new POTS user and I'm not very familiar with the system. Are there any training materials available for me?

A: Yes. Click here to access the NCI POTS confluence homepage and scroll down to the Training and Support Center.

Q: How do I access POTS from my computer?

A: You can either click here (https:\\ or point your browser to access the application.

Q: How do I update my POTS profile information? (Building, Room Number, Phone Number, etc.)

A: Click on the indicated profile icon;   located at the top left corner of the POTS application landing page.

Q: When I try to submit a POTS order with an Object Class (OC) Code of 31 I get an error message prompting me to enter a Property Code but I don't see a field on the order where I can enter the Property Code. What do I need to do to submit this order?

A: There actually is a Property Code field; but it's location is not intuitive. If you scroll down towards the bottom of the order you'll see an order summary with the individual line items listed. Click on the small pencil icon next to a line item that requires a Property Code and the field will appear below the line. You'll need to enter the Property Code individually for each line item that requires it.

Q: What exactly does the Done button at the bottom of the order do and when do I need to use it?

A: The Done button tells POTS that you are finished entering your line items and are ready to submit the order for approval. You do not need to use the Done button if you select the Last Item checkbox after entering the order information for your last line item.

Q: How do I add shipping to a POTS order?

A: After you have added all items you wish to purchase to your cart, you need to add an additional line item and identify that it is for shipping costs by clicking in the "Shipping Item" box which is located after the description box.

Q: I'm having trouble using POTS. Who do I contact for assistance.

A: Please feel free to contact the NCI POTS Support team at  if you need any assistance?

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