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Materials required:

  • Completion of scatter calibration step in FCMPASS software
  • .fcs files with scatter measurements acquired at the same settings as the scatter references beads used for modeling.

Step-by-step guide:

  1. Once the light scatter calibration calculation has completed, navigate to the 'FCS Files' tab. 
  2. The 'Conversion to fcs' listbox should now contain each of the inputted bead refractive indices, along with 'Lower', 'Average', and 'Upper EV RI Diameter' variables. These EV measurements were defined by the input in the 'Model Settings' tab under the 'Scatter Calibration' tab.
  3. To alter how the parameter will appear in the .fcs file when imported into analysis software, click on the heading and edit the name in the 'Name for .fcs file parameter' field below and press the return key on your keyboard.
  4. To import the the .fcs files into the software, click 'Menu', then 'Import FCS Files'. A window will open - navigate to the folder that contains you .fcs files and click 'Open'. This will import all .fcs files from that folder. 
  5. From the 'Select Scatter Parameter' dropdown, select the channel that the scatter calibration model statistics were obtained from.
  6. Now click 'Write to .fcs files' The files will export into a folder named 'FCMPASS_Export' in the folder in which the files were imported leaving the original .fcs files intact. The file path is also shown in the command window. Note: this folder will be overwritten if you export again without changing this folder's name.
  7. Files can now be imported into commercial analysis software and the custom parameters will appear.


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